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Originally Posted by noobizor View Post
Stop and think about this for a moment. No one is built the same; there is no magical price point at which a slim-fit shirt will start looking great on everyone. Some will look good in a Merona shirt and bad in Zegna shirt; others will have the opposite experience.
Dude, the vast majority of mens clothing has a mentality of "lowest common denominator" aka they don't want to alienate anyone. Therefore, even for their smallest size, the fit is meant to accommodate all body sizes at the very expense of fit. So the end result is gigantically proportioned fitting shirts, regardless of size, that can fit anyone within a 70 lb. size range. Case in point, you.
Originally Posted by noobizor View Post
Honestly, those shirts are designed for the obese version of you. You look like you need at least 40 lbs. more straight in the gut to begin filling them out. They simply look awful and if that's what you consider a good mallbrand fit then... well, I don't know, there's not much we could agree on. I'm as much for affordable well fitting brands as much as anyone, I don't ball out in Lanvin or Rick on a daily basis, but the vast majority of the American public is simply not ready for slim fitting clothes. So no, of course not, a fucking shirt from JCPenny won't fit like it's from Band of Outsiders. The flaw in your logic is that the only people who would look "right" at the vast majority of lame mall brands are fat fucks who are way overweight,
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^^That's not much of an argument, but I suppose it fits in with your whole interwebs persona pretty well.
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if slim fit is the current style, why can't you fathom that baggy fit was once a style?
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Originally Posted by noobizor View Post
I suppose it fits in with your whole interwebs persona pretty well.

Wtf does this even mean?
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Eh? Sorry, lei, that was in response to jet.

But listen: the crucial thing you left out -- and that I made clear -- is that that those shirts were silly things I threw on when trying on different brands of slim-fitting pants. (That pink one is from 8th grade, the loud one, my brother's Girbaud, circa '89 [!]). Yeah, they're baggy and old and don't fit, oh noes! Anyway, I think if you can get past your defensiveness and actually read what I wrote in response to Lane, my position isn't really that bizarre. Or do you really believe, say, the look found in *your* last fit pic (small plaid shirt, khakis) -- good or bad -- couldn't be assembled at -- gasp! -- the shopping mall!

I know the MC forum isn't too popular, here, but a lot of those guys integrate differently-priced looks (from a variety of places) into something, er, stylish.
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Lol of course it can, be it would fit like shit. Seriously, I grew up in a small town which didn't even have a GAP, do you think I don't know how badly the vast majority of men's clothing fits? I'm still waiting on the high fashion trickle down effect to make some good slim fitting clothes at cheap prices, but so far all that's being offered are skinny jeans that are sized to small ala Levis Ex-Girlfriend fit. If you think I could walk into GAP, buy the same items, and have them fit me as well then I'm sorry, I'm just done because there'd be no convincing you. And surprise, none of the stuff I'm wearing is particularly expensive/designer either, it's almost all All Saints!
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No need to convince me; I'm not trying to argue your experience -- just that this whole notion of 'mall brands' vs. 'quality' brands is somewhat of an illusion. One that, when mixed with a healthy dose of ignorance and bizarrely unearned elitism, can be vastly annoying.

(Cue: Persian Bro)
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Originally Posted by Brinbro View Post
God damn, you 'workout' and look like that? You're wasting your time... why do you keep saying your upper body is fairly built?
Maybe he doesn't want to bulk up huge he just wants not to be skin and bones?
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Originally Posted by G0079 View Post
I don't really like the pushed up sleeves on the fair isle, especially if the sleeves fit you well.

Originally Posted by flyguy7 View Post
Agreed. Wear that bad boy the way it's made, not only because it would look better but also so douches like me who have a limited wardrobe can see what it looks like fully set on an actual person

i was a little worried about the pushed up sleeves too - thanks for the feedback. i guess part of the reason i pushed up was i didn't like how the sleeves fit width-wise (the length was perfect) i'll post a non-pushed-up fit soon.
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Noobizor took my original point and molested it to the point of utter stupidity.
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Originally Posted by noobizor View Post
This, to me, is just so wrongheaded, for so many reasons... For one, all clothes -- mall brand, designer, etc. -- fit different people...differently. What you'll look good in has very little to do with price. For another, I doubt most can actually distinguish 'generic mall stuff' from the SF-sheeple brands. My best fit pic? A military sweater I said was Dior. :P Hell, 99% of the prized 'hobbyist' looks are just rehashes of other, cheaply available clothing anyway. You can look like a rail worker w/o spending $500. And Lane, the Colombine killers nailed your aesthetic for much less. It's a little dispiriting, seeing the kidz logging-on and being taught to revere the affiliate brands and dropping all their student loan money on these doll-sized ToJs indistinguishable from the Macy's house brand; it's even worse, a few months later, having to endure their sermons on 'quality', watching them become unpaid evangels for high-priced dreck, when all they might really need -- I'm looking at you, here, Lane -- is maybe just a hug and a cup of tea and perhaps a little tip-off that Evil BJ Novak is not a good look for *anyone*. Creativity: yes. Variety: yes. Unreflective brand-whoring: no.
bolded part is funny to me in certain instances its somewhat true. lol, eric and dylan nailed my aesthetic? You know thats quite insulting since all they wore was black pants, shoes, and band shirts with their gun holsters. I think you're simply displaying your ignorance about clothing in general. I really doubt you've actually seen any of the brands you are downplaying up close if you're willing to have such ignorant opinions. I'm also not just talking about my aesthetic here, visit barneys somehow and examine the cuts, the details, feel of the garment for christ sake. Its nothing like your everyday mall stuff at all. You can't accomplish bootleg versions of certain design unless you're part of some really simplistic/bottom of the barrel style. Also, every dime I spend on clothing is through my job. Yes, I work and go to school because its really important to me, and I even end up sacrificing much of a social life because of this. I like how you think you've got me figured out so well. Not to mention ToJ is not my thing because its too classic, and I don't even own any SF approved stuff. I'm considered a SZ nuthugger in these parts for your information. Plus, this is about appreciating design and style/fashion. Seeing fits contained with Hedi-era Dior , Cloak, Schneider, Rick, and etc because they have been crafted for reasons beyond simple functionality. There is a purpose to their design, and they are quite distinguishable. Saying you accomplish looks like this with garbage from the mall is not only ludicrious, but just plain ignorant. I won't say your jealous because judging by your fits you don't really aspire to anything past that, but I will say you're quite ignorant.
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Originally Posted by Brinbro View Post
God damn, you 'workout' and look like that? You're wasting your time... why do you keep saying your upper body is fairly built?

As I have posted many times before in the health and body section and in WAYWT I have a diagnosed medical condition called marfans disorder, which effects the forming of connective tissue, which as a side effect obviously impairs how much muscle I can gain. Even with steroids I wouldn't get big. I'm also 17, how fucking big do you want me to be? I've put on 58lb this year so no I don't think I'm wasting my time.
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Not sure I feel about the tucked flannel under the leather. Opinions? ToJ A&F MxMJ Wolverine
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GN your biggest problem is your stance in pictures. You look very uncomfortable in front of the camera, which is what (in my opinion) makes your fits not look that great. I know it's hard to look at your own pics and compare to others without going to an extreme, but look at the fits that get praise and look at how the photos are composed, the angles, and the stance of those being photographed. This one is a better pic compared to many others but still sort of suffers from what I've been saying.

Saying this all because I get the picture that you don't look as bad as the pics show. Also try not to lean to one side. That's probably your biggest stance problem.
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That said, I think the tucked flannel doesn't work, no. I think when worn with streetwear/workwear it just makes one look really conservative and dad-ish. I can only really tuck flannel under a sportcoat.
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