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Jeans are uni-qlo, shoes are CCP, everything else I forgot the brand
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your fit aint art
nice one
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great nn Shirt & Jacket: Tornado Mart / Jeans: Lee Black Riders II / Boots: Buffalo Bobs / Bag: 5351 Pour les Hommes
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Like the jeans... ...wish you'd go full-on Bill Kaulitz w/ the hair.
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fucking hawt
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surprisingly I think this is tamer than your last fit, uncontrol
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leopard print wants layered company..
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it's actually a layered drape shirt, maybe a tank or something under it could look cool. thanks
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
HOLY SHIT, NEW JEANS! (...and 1994 Redwing Pecos boots. None of that newfangled pretend factory worker crap.)
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dude that shirt's fucking embarrassing
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so is that room
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Test shirt! But please elaborate. With my pale, pale, non-summery skin, I tend to look better in those hated RLP shirts. EDIT: Ha. That's my bathroom, n00b. (Also, btw -- the incongruity of your bathroom totally deflates your whole goth ninja assassin thing. Not hating on your style, just sayin'. ) Really looking for input on the jeans, if possible. As an adult, I'm required to tuck in my shirt occasionally. Trying to find a skinny jean that will work with that.
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Why tuck in...just makes your whole fit look bad. Can't possibly fathom tucking into skinny jeans ever looking good.
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the sleeve cuffs are fugly
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Originally Posted by BrizaBirch View Post
spk and flying lotus dont get enough love. great fits.
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