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Originally Posted by socialdtk View Post
Shirt keeps looking at you like this: O_o If the dls has an earnest look, I like it -- especially since it gives an nice look to a color palette well within the comfort zone of most men. Sweater is killer, too. I'm really curious what book Zissou is reading.
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haha everyone loves my hair in person, so whatever you guys wanna think is fine :P I've been partying epic amounts lately, and it's always a favourite. i use epic amounts of hairspray and a blowdryer to get my hair to stay up.
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my hair stands up because i fuck for hours every night and never shower
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Originally Posted by sdx View Post
Awesome fit, deets on boots?


They are Viberg x Inventory.
Nicest pair of shoes I've handled. The attention to detail is something I've never seen and I've handled plenty of quality shoes. The thickness on the leather is ridiculous. Overall they're just above and beyond any thing else. They'll last a lifetime.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
Am I the only one who thinks Tanner's fit is awful?

Originally Posted by AR_Six View Post
Top half is an abortion.

also zissou and snowman both looking good
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post
dls, that seems too...sincere.

roll/cuffs your pants and show that lined flannel! Nice cardigan by the way.
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zissou, never shave, ever ever
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Zissou, I really dig that fit. And Listi don't listen, keep the giant hair and beard. They're fucking awesome and work for you.
Originally Posted by jarude View Post
zissou, never shave, ever ever
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class act willy, basically flawless, I wouldn't change a thing.
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I'm so jealous that I'll never get to own that NDG cardi that dls is sporting. I guess that's what ebay saved searches are for. Same shit, different day: There's a Thom Browne oxford under there that's new, not that you can see it. Everything else I've posted before.
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are you rocking those little "mini cuffs" willy? probably the only thing I would change.
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sick fit Willy... damn I wish I had a WV
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I don't like Tanners cardi and it's fit. Looks terrible. Listis hair looks creepy. I would avoid touching that mess by all means. I'm sure some animal is living in it. Zissou looks awesome. And so does Willy. Great fits. The stupid boot tuck trend has to go. It ruins every otherwise decent fit. Amen.
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my bra fit
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