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julian red
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Originally Posted by Platypus View Post
From a few days ago (open and closed since I was a bit bored):

Bless jacket
Raf Simons pants
Carpe Diem boots

How did I miss this? This is great.
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new shades

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Originally Posted by jwied82 View Post

julian red

Good thing you didn't have the right side of the cardigan pulled in any more or I would have thought you were flashing us. Solid fit, though, faux dick flash aside.
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Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post
I know the chain is tacky. It is a tacky item... I wear [it] simply because I like it and I want to wear it. When I put that chain on I don't think, "oh this is great, it's so loud and tacky and people will stare at me." I think that it's cool and that I would like to wear it. Sometimes it is really just that simple.
This is another thing, I often think you stay in your comfort zone (idiosyncratic comfort zone but no less a comfort zone for that) and just say things like this as some sort of defense mechanism. No one can really criticize you for being tacky, gaudy, over the top or tasteless or other things that have been hurled in your direction for fits over time because "yeah I know it is, that's why I like it". Ie, there's a certain confidence to be gained from knowing that, no matter what you put on, how you dress is so far out of step with any recognizable aesthetic that no one has a frame of reference to be able to say you're doing it right or wrong. In light of which I have this occasional, cynical suspicion that you're unwilling to try other stuff not because you don't want to but because it's actually possible to do them badly. But this time I actually am making assumptions and attributing things to you that may be false, it's just how responses like this come off to me.
Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post
And yes, I could go in directions that would please you and others here more than the directions I take. Maybe, incidentally, that will some day happen. If it does happen, however, it will not be because I seek the approval of anyone here; it will be because I decided on my own to move in that direction.
I am not really trying to convince you to do anything because time has shown that to be pretty much futile, I just think you could probably be doing more and I imagine it would be rewarding, not just for people like me who like to see interesting fits in here but probably for you too.
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1) This thread is like the reason people join SZ/ peruse fashionology (to the extent that either are readable)
2) That MC contest is like the worst they've ever had, bar Aeglus. I should have put that cloak fitpic in and tried to claim it was some sort of suit coat. AR I really wish those boots fit small, speaking of. will someone post a picture? Here's one for your imagination: tomorrow I will wear an Ervell sweater, some sort of shirt, tee or otherwise, beneath it; petar petrov pants; and either mmm rose boots that shahanshah did me the honor of finding last year, or generic man canvas oxfords (I can't decide which yet)
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I would post a fit, wish I could find my camera charger, I am wearing those mihara boots, HL coated denim, and a ls thermal top.
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A few pics from the weekend.

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I like what I can see, let us see more next time.
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do i spy unibroue? not to re-derail this, but i have been drinking far, far too much metaxa as of late. it has me very excited for summer, lightweight pants and muted colors.
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Indeed. Currently working my way though a trois pistoles left over from the trip.
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Originally Posted by Dr Huh? View Post
This has been a most fascinating thread.

Great gif
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Ebbetts Field Whalers Cap(No vis)
RRL Chamois
Rag & Bone Thermal
Tanner Goods Belt
RRL Officer Chino
Yuketen Cerise Maine Guide Boots
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