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If not the wife, she's the baby momma, right? Small opening v-necks for the win The hair reminds me of Keith Richards or something. You into hair metal? Lastly, I like the fit of your pants, snowmanxl. And I think it looks cool with the bOots. I wish the unmasked photos of synthese generated this sort of discussion too...
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I like the pants/boots snowman, but could use a different top or at least outerwear. what watch?
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You need some outerwear snow. You're going future dystopian KVA style, your jackets need to match. Hold off on other purchases for awhile and get some heat on that front to match the rest.
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I think that fit would look sick wit a bomber jacket. The waste down is pretty aviator-ish
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yeah i hear you nil! im on the lookout right now haha.

mark, its a BR demineur
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jcrew, ervell, r+b, alden, old man posture
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i cant decide if the waist seems too high..
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Very nice.
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Originally Posted by Cacatfish View Post
Very nice.

pinkpanster one of my favorites from you, and you are one of my favs overall too, top notch.
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awesome PP. those pants are fantastic.
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lol Lorenzo you've watched 1 too many Bon Jovi videos.
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That boat shirt looks great on you.
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^^Looks more Kajagoogoo to me.
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lorenzo, you da bomb
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great fit pinkpantser
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