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your sweatshirt seems small as hell
also, are gray sweatshirts really acceptable to wear in public?
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The shirt looks a little too short to be tucked in imo. I would think it would be a little hard to move if I were MF, but the weather looks horrible and the outfits looks whatever..
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Originally Posted by softy View Post
mellow has gotten such mileage out of the same 3-4 items. really great job, seriously. i mean no ill will, but it reminds me of that simpsons episode where marge joins the country club and keeps re-altering her pink chanel dress so it looks like she has many outfits.

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Eh it's not gray. Shitty pic is all. Shirt is not too short to be tucked in either.
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Originally Posted by softy View Post
i will never get behind the mellow cuff roll.

+1. I guess that's his own style quirk, but it makes his legs look short.
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^i think its fine leaving the shirt untuck. thanks guys. We just had a blizzard. It's a mess to walk in the city. I'm still looking for a pair of winter boots, right now the allen edmonds from ebay is my beaters. softy, I pretty much wear the same things on my days off! Yeah, I CUFFS everything.
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Guys sorry I wasn't intentionally trying to defend my poor glasses lol. I use them everyday because I have bad eye sight that's all. It's the only name brand I have really. Again sorry for mentioning the price. Here is how the glasses looks like. I know it doesn't help because it isn't on my face. No face pic as I feel the need to keep my personal privacy. I like my glasses so I guess that's all it matters
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they look like mega boring metal frames that you can buy anywhere...

not sure why you felt the need to mention the price. Had you not i would have guessed $50 from Costco tho.
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Sorry about mentioning the price. Kind of a new guy here, didn't know all the Do's and Don'ts yet. Sorry again. I will not do that again.
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Yeah, I probably wouldn't have dropped $700 on those as they are about as basic as possible - but as long as you dig em, go for it.
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Originally Posted by chasingred View Post
I think you're getting a poor response partly because of the picture quality.

It seems like you're wearing bootcut jeans. These coupled with what you're wearing up top makes you look a bit like a country cowboy. This is fine if you're indeed a country cowboy, I suppose.* Though, still, even if you were, I don't think you're muscular enough to pull off this look.

The jacket's collar oddly splays. In addition, there just isn't enough color contrast. Are the jeans also blue? You would do better with a bit more contrast in colors; even making your shirt white would help. Also, given how country cowboy this fit is - or at least seems to be - wearing a slide buckle dress belt is really odd. I know such contrasts can be done well, but it just doesn't look coherent here.

Lastly, all of your clothes look slightly too small for you. For example, your shoulders look so small that it makes your head look big.

You should also get rid of the Bieber haircut.

Hope that's constructive. I do think you dress better than many of the newbies around here.

* For all you lumberjacks and sailors out there, if you think you look any less silly just because your fits are in vogue, you're fooling yourself.

Thanks for the, I am not a country cowboy, and not attempting to be.

I agree that this is not a great fit. The jacket and shirt are not too small. However, I would agree that perhaps the jeans are too slim. Last time I posted a fit pic with those jeans, they were not well received. I just think they are too slim and too tapered. Because of the slimness of the jeans, everything else looks huge. Thoughts? I paid a ton of money for them because of the brand and didn't pay attention to the fit as much as I should have. The salesperson told me they would stretch out alot - but I still think they look too small.

The haircut does look Bieber-esque right now, I am waiting for it to grow out a bit. I just can't rock short hair. I do have a large head - it's not the clothes.

As far as the belt thing goes, it's the best one I own right now - planning to kop a Kenton Sorenson in a few weeks.

Snarky remarks are fun to read and post, but I really appreciate guys like you who are willing to take the time to offer up constructive criticism. Much appreciated.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by mellowfellow View Post

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Originally Posted by mellowfellow View Post

I still really love that scarf! I know it's from gap, but the wool seems really nice.
And the sweater is NDG right?

All in all, love the fit, Mellow.
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Mellow, that looks great. And I love your cuffs.
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
yeah, am already in. just caveat emptor bunch of freaks showed up last time so lefty, me , whodini and shoreman escaped and left poor fok to tend to the flock

hah. will keep an eye out for the segregation...
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