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e0d agreed with spope, fit is great but the shoes are not working for me in it. Jacket looks like it's falling/draping way nicer after some wear now?
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Originally Posted by kgfan5 View Post

@Benesyed those are 'off fly' that i had hemmed.

looks like we have the same shirt! i got mine off rakuten last year. the detachable hidden placket is huge. almost feels like i'm wearing a tie. here's a close up pic..
next level hidden placket! (Click to show)

How do you feel about the quality and comfort?

Great fit btw! and thanks for replying! smile.gif
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Today I'm wearing (excuse naff photograph)

Charles Tyrwhitt navy/silver stripe shirt (too big, worn over thermal vests as I feel the cold:))

Pure Blue Japan purple face 1069-2-PP jeans, wearing well, fading nicely

Lazy Sunday so black suede Fitflops slippers:)
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i like spacepope in those jeans. i think its a good look.

really cool stuff, snow and kg.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Roberto Collina
Christophe Lemaire

need a lighter top for spring-summer. sweating when inside buildings...
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Originally Posted by Auximenes View Post

you can order it at the ghpc (giant hidden placket club)


srsly I got mine off of ebay a while ago. No idea what season it is but it seems quite old. Id be interested to know. It is a giant, detachable , hidden placket. I guess u could experiment with different ways to button it maybe ?? i never tried.


Edit : btw, the way KG used it with the Attachment jacket totally kills. Awesome layering, they look like they were designed to be worn together, on that pic.

This is "newer" HL. The tag is a dead giveaway. Regardless, an awesome shirt. 

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two above, Gettoasty--that Collina is great.
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Thanks for all the thumb guys! smile.gif

closer shot Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

wtaps x bape
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@AlexanderTG It's be interesting to see what your fits are like if you wear, say, one colour fewer. As for the height thing, try to keep the same colour through the transition from jeans to tee shirt. It might not work, but it'd just be nice to see how it works Try one where you keep the trousers slim and tapered, the colour scheme simple and don't break up your midline with contrast. 

But definite improvements, keep it up.

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Sorry about the pictures, still trying to work out the timer. I'd be grateful for any feedback.

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really nuce poilu!

What are the boots?
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Gettoasty - jacket is really nice, you'll have to put up with the warmth smile.gif

Poilu - really nice fit
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@poilu nice top half but i think a slightly less slim bottom half would be better.  those look really  tight.

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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

really nuce poilu!

What are the boots?

Can't say for sure but they look like buttero. Nice stuff P
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Lazy Sunday, with better weather than yesterday:

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