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Originally Posted by nevergreen View Post

thanks for the advice. i definitely agree about needing to find  a better fabric for shirts and i don't think the pants are so bad rolled where they are but i can see what you mean. i've been looking to buy a pair of white slip ons i just haven't got around to it yet


they're the relaxed linens. i could have prob sized down to an xs cause elastic but i went with a s

I actually sized up one to medium because I wanted that very loose drape without pulling at the knee. I think that you sized them fine, but since they're almost only good for a relaxed summer look, i just roll mine higher and wear them with either shoes and invisible socks or boots with low socks. I'll post a fit when my new shoelaces come. 


Oh, and if you ever find nice thin tee shirts that don't make our skinny arms look like cars coming out of a tunnel that aren't quite as expensive as Ann, let me know :)

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i finally found my tripod hurrah. it was chilly this morning

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acne jacket came in, horrible pic but really love it. only've gotten called gay once since.


also, how good is weezer?

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~in the toilet~

Incarnation leather
AA tee
some jeans from Korea
Guidi boots
Goruck backpack (highly recommended, I use this whenever I'm cruising around with my laptop now)
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feeling #menswear

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nn that leather is amazing. One of my favourite fits of yours
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@nevergreen an alternative way to wear the linens

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Nn the color on that leather is too good
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what size in the linens and what size waist? looks good
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Just in case you're feeling MC and adventurous this week: http://www.styleforum.net/t/387621/friday-challenge-20140425-yellow-fever/
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hello again, fellas. been too long.

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That is...boss

Serious Hammer vibes
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Stunning suit, stitchy!

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stitchy is so pimp. like everything, even the double monks.
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Mordecai Jefferson Carver
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