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I'm back in all my boring splendor on the first really warm day of the year.

John Elliot
Ann D
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Gay Death Squad Steez in my wood cabin apartment.

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I swear some of the face smudges give me nightmares
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Originally Posted by ceoceo View Post

I swear some of the face smudges give me nightmares

Do you think they'd be better without though...peepwall[1].gif
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A walk in the woods with the camera, photographing bluebells whilst trying to do my best impression of a French truffle hunter...


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Arpenteur (anyone know of any current stockists?)
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really, really nice photographs MoK =]

re: arpenteur their website lists many dealers, but i'm not familiar with the brand or how up-to-date the list is http://www.arpenteur.tv/dealers/
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welcome back @Nil. beard looks good smile.gif
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hello hello! here's some stuff I tried out recently


h&m linen suit with docs


h&m linen shirt, h&m suit pants, docs

toj dr, cos hidden placket shirt with coated collar, dressmann suit pants, docs

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masterful use of cheap items there
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i need new shoes so so badly 



no hat (Click to show)
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@nevergreen i think that would look better with non-khaki pants (maybe loose grey ones, instead). and yeah, even some simple vans would be better than those gats.

open + close-up: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

balenciaga fw11 wool bomber
laneus woven cotton double-layer shirt
plokhov cotton tanker trousers
augusta cordovan boots
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I wish the bomber had something else instead of the panels but still gf is a beast. I think i (not so) secretly want to steal a lot of his style biggrin.gif
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(Picture is clickable for better quality)

Random T (no vis) / ZB / ZB / InAisce
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@nevergreen The execution of those clothes doesn't really work on your frame I think. If those are indeed uniqlo linen-cotton pants you have on, try rolling a little higher. That's what I do with mine, and it reduced the boot cut effect. Also, you might want to try a thinner, drapier fabric for your top, since that tee looks to be made of stiff cotton, with I've always found looks bad around skinny arms (mine included). Agree with GF about sneakers. Some simple Vans wouldn't hurt :)

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our whatacy
coffee spill ffffuuuu.gif
sue storm

Wearing this stuff a lot because I like this stuff a lot....
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