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Originally Posted by AlexanderTG View Post

As for the width, they're pretty narrow around my calves when I walk. Would you suggest 7"?

fwiw I hemmed my sz28 NS to 6.75" but that was fairly aggressive. Probably 7" is good, you should just wear your shoes with the jeans on and measure. Even with the same hem, pants with thinner fabrics will stack differently than thicker fabrics

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close up and deets (Click to show)
Hat I had made
JJVE Kimono
Damir Doma Scarf
Et Al Shirt
PH Knitted Shorts
Ann D shoes

Shorts close up:

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dang! looking cool
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-heavy breathing-

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Savagely epic.

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Slam dunk there by wandering poet Guy, damn

Hender Scheme suede cap
Miharayasuhiro floral M65
Rick pants
Common projects sneakers

Edit: Posting my wife's fit too, since she's wearing my clothes in this pic anyways..
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

RO tank and longsleeve
CdG skirt and bag
Nike trainers

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GB its so hot, do you not sweat?

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I'd like to see that GB fit with some different footwear

NN, your wife looks cooler than you smile.gif
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Camera caught me moving but what ever

Red Wing
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about to be dive-bombed by small birds


Moscot shades / Ts(s) scarf / Post Overalls jacket / Kamakura chambray / Engineered Garments USN pant / Tricker's



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That is so damn awesome Lorcan smile.gif
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Originally Posted by e0d9n0b5 View Post


your standard is like 9-10/10 consistently so when you post a 7 i get to nitpick you >: ]

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Lorcan, really like your take on the whole japanese/eg "workwear" thing. You make it look natural and easy.
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Past couple days

LVC x Club Monaco x Levi 508 x Mcnairy/Haven

Club Monaco x 501 STF [first wear...love the fit] x Capsule x McNairy/Haven
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