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Nah, casey is just high on life.

And weed.
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double Starks


debating whether to keep navy or army green mix...two seems like overkill







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Army green is more interesting!!
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Thanks, nicelynice. I'm leaning that way, especially since I already have some other navy knits.

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Yes, green looks way better
Originally Posted by AlexanderTG View Post

Alright, just picked up some slim trousers and T's from Epaulet and some other goodies elsewhere. I promise not to post any more slouchy, messy fit pics. Thanks for rolling with me.

Nooo plzzzzz, that sweatshirt looks great. Just not with those pants
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Originally Posted by AlexanderTG View Post

I'm 44 in a month so I suppose that's old to some. But no excuse to not have a clean, well-executed wardrobe.

Over the past five years or so I've enjoyed filling my closet with nice stuff. MMM, Raf, some Prada, EG, OL, Beams, Jil, and more recently SLP. But I spent many years of my life very heavy and very out of it both stylistically and just in general. Now I'm getting back to a weight I like (165) but the downside of that is that so much of what's in my closet doesn't fit well anymore.

I'm lucky that I've been successful enough as a musician to travel around the world (as far as Japan and NZ) and I'm not showing any signs of stopping. So my goal is to look as good as I can while making and performing music while maintaining a level of age-appropriatness. It sounds tricky but I believe it can be done.

Hoping to glean some tips and direction from this forum while trying not to tax you all's patience.

Thanks for hearing me out and I look forward to looking better good.

At first I was going to suggest you check the MC side of SF, given your age, but so many of those guys are really stuffy and you're probably not interested in wearing pocket squares, or getting the perfect lapel width. Instead, I'd suggest you take inspiration from some of the older members who occasionally post in this thread and manage to look well dressed while still looking their age.


berlin report

Man of Kent


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Also this guy:

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+1 for the laceless Margiela version, Chet. I would of said navy...but since you said you have others, green is the way to go
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Chet, is that the sweater??

If so, that green looks badass!
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cheers AlexTG.. what do you play? cheers.gif
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yeah both look good but green definitely more interesting, I would say navy if you plan to wear it often and green mix if only once in awhile
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Uh huh forgot about prurient.
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So I've been putting off posting fits because I only have a camera phone to take photos with plus was going to wait to get my hair cut but fuck it. Although it is disappointing that I can't show detailed shots of the apron from the back because the layers are pretty fucking awesome there.

. Y's
. Nadir tejani: TEN
. Damir Doma
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So is that like a fashion apron or a cooking apron?
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dude i know you love that apron but it seriously makes u look like a chef on his toilet break in this photo here.  rest of the fit looks good though.

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