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photo 0327a_zps7dc546f9.jpg photo 0327b_zps7011ebfb.jpg


tee-oh-jay willycheesesteak special

gap tee

strike gold jeans

zeemon gats

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Originally Posted by a bag of it View Post

My father has been a senior level sales trader in Boston for years. He wears penny loafers or tassel loafers exclusively when he has to 'dress up' which includes wearing them with the one suit that he owns. Come to think of it, I have never actually seen him wear his suit. I don't know where I got my fashion genes from.


Haha, yeah. I think it's pretty funny.


Everyone thinks they're dressed up when they wear a suit and their penny's. I see a LOT of it.

I like the look to be honest. I'd love a pair of tan penny's for navy suits/trousers.

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SVB I know you love epaulet but the pants never look great. you'd look so much better in a slimmer pant.
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nice one as usual penanceroyaltea! different colours from your usual stuff but just as great.
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I feel like I may always love these boots. Time will tell.

Paul Smith "Lenny" boots. Just arrived today.

Rag and Bone cords.
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lookin cooool and chillaxed, parker. cool.gif
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*terrible phone pics redacted!*
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1. just noticed the new kicks. they look awesome, great kop!

2. those pants (steven alan?), are they meant to be creased but you removed it or they are meant to be uncreased casual flannel pants? i have been looking for a cool pair of flannel SWD type pants meant to be worn creaseless. i thought maybe EG would have, but i have not had much luck finding any. dont need til F/W14, but id like to be prepared. any ideas?
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how do you like the bauhaus shape? been thinking of a leather one (or a stooges).
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^^Well, I guess that's OK, too...
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KG is that turtleneck sized up?

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another awesome look from kg.
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

KG is that turtleneck sized up?


I have the same knit.

Got it TTS. 


Fits well, but its pretty wide and short. The body and arms do not taper so its pretty loose at the hems, which can look in bad in some cases with the shorter body.

I really wish mine were either longer or had some taper to the body / sturdier and more elasticized hems.

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