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I think maybe I'm bad at photos. Also, I swear I've got other clothes.

Front shot with the jacket hanging awkwardly (Click to show)

EG, Acne, Levi's, DVN.
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Dries look good.
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They're great shoes, I've been looking for boots from the same season that I can afford for a while now.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Burgundy pants always too much (Hmm, maybe slim, cropped, washed-out corduroy trousers would look nice); remind me of a specific segment of college bros who talk about knitwear and bowties. Dunno. Not for me.

beats me. my grey jeans are uniqlo - don't really wear 511s that much (could be because they're tight), but I haven't really been wearing jeans that often lately anyway.



Nice layering, what pants?

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Originally Posted by ADVANCED View Post



The Viridi Anne



Is the bottom protrusion the top of your shorts, or a massive outtie belly button?

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It may be a very low-positioned third nipple.

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All that wooly goodness!
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You have a worm on your sweater
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someone is playing snake on your sweater :happy:

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kidney incision practice spot
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Imperfect sample sale item?
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Undo the stitching, and see if there is a note in there from an SF member.
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toj/cos/cos/our legacy


pretending it's summer already. I guess the jacket is off here, still like to wear it whenever I can

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Originally Posted by MrTony92 View Post

Damn those sneakers are sick Bert

Thanks dude, the feel of the goat suede on these are crazy soft, almost feels like a soft fur. Here's a close up pic of the suede.
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