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Isabel Benenato wool beanie

Slam Buffet linen scarf

Viridi–Anne cotton coat and wool cardigan

Damir wool/cotton cardigan

Odyn Vovk tee

Void tank

Plokhov pants

Rick donks

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That's awesome.  Dunks were a good choice to cop

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Duuuuuuuuunks biggrin.gif
Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

I grew up in a suburb about 40 mins south of SF and referring to it as "the City" made a lot of sense for us. calling it that if you live there is probably pretty pretentious though.

and I never had any knowledge that the term had any connection to or stronger connotation re NYC or London over SF until college, for whatever that's worth...

I grew up just outside of New Orleans and everyone called that the city. Seems pretty standard if you live just outside somewhere cool
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sunday afternoon, time to get a taco.
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

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this happened to me too.

back in the late 1990s there was a craigslist-style minimal text-only site called foopee that listed punk shows all over the bay area. I think, as a joke, they decided to advertise a Me First and the Gimme Gimmes show that didn't actually exist at the Folsom Street Fair. I was in high school at the time. Not knowing anything (which is generally the case in high school), I got 2 of my punk buddies and we drove up to THE CITY to check out the show. Driving in, once we got off the freeway, we saw several packs of dudes wearing assless chaps walking along the route we were taking to get to this fair. We just thought, "oh, we must be in San Francisco. I've heard it's gay here. Wow, they really aren't kidding about that." Then once we parked, we realized the assless chaps dudes were definitely all going to the same place we were.

But we were told there was a punk show, and Me First are hilarious live and well worth it to see, so we were determined. So us three 16-17 year old straight, oblivious, and now slightly unnerved kids went into the Folsom Street Fair and had to wander a few blocks past countless naked asses, several exposed penises, and some kind of booth that involved a pinball/bowling game called "Shoot the Chute" in which one's objective was to roll a ball along a playing board where the top score was obtained by successfully getting the ball into a hole around which was drawn a naked man's anus, before finding a stage on which a band full of transvestites was putting on some kind of music / burlesque show. We figured we'd found the "main stage" and asked several people when Me First would be playing. No one had any idea what we were talking about, but still determined, we stayed for a good 20-30 minutes before finally accepting that we'd been had. Then we realized we were just three dudes enjoying the Folsom Street Fair. I think at some point we started to worry that if we just up and left we would appear intolerant. Our discomfort and nervousness eventually outweighed any liberal guilt and we got the hell out of there.


You know people don't talk about the bay to breakers being about as bad as the folsom street fair these days, i ran last year and it was way too many nude guys. It was funny because we were running with my wife's former employer, it was a team event, and i was laughing to myself that this was not the team event they envisioned.

On another note, the linkedin team was really cool because there was at least 20 of them linked up to each other with rope or some sort of string.
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Originally Posted by mitchellmcm27 View Post

sunday afternoon, time to get a taco.

I like this one Mitch, like something I'd wear as a lazy sunday fit (though there's a hate for sandals here :hide:, love them, and yours too)

What's the cardigan? what's the material?

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schneider and it's acrylic, wool, and nylon.
i like these margiela sandals. they have a similar shape to the side zips, which i think is cool. i live in pensacola florida, pretty easy to pull off sandals here.
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It's nice out.

Persol / WvG (really nice tencel shirt) / Big John x Aloha Rag / Margiela + Rolex

PS random rant: rehabbing my shoulder has been the most annoying/tedious process ever.
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Dunks look good. Nice pick up
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Collina / Geller / Im / National Standard

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dunks look great, spope! nice to see some baller sneakers in your fit. did you end up getting the gimp?

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rick owens parka
daniele alesssandrini distressed sweater
void tee
dior homme waxed jeans
guidi boots
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Dat shadow
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that top bottom zipper coordination

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