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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

Cool. What pants are those? I like the buttoned up look with the shirt. I think I'd have the sleeves shortened.

(Anybody seen the movie Cocoon?)

Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

yess deets on pents please

Pants are Silent from like 4 years ago.
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nice 3Prague. I've been wearing a similar look a lot lately. also my version of "cozy"

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Patrik Ervell
Patrik Ervell
Thom Browne
Patrik Ervell
Maison Martin Margiela This jacket is so good (Click to show)
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Variations on a theme

ToJ / Balmain / John Elliott / MMM
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Damn those John Elliott's look good cyc; I really need to get myself a pair
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What wash and size are those JE? You said 29?? I am so fat omg I went with a 33 on the gray cast LOL...maybe TOO big now that I am thinking sh!t

@el Bert Boot tuck reminds me of FF7
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29 nimbus. shog[1].gif these stretched a bit
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John Elliott good stuff? Is there a size chart?
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I think their new stuff has size charts. I've got T's, tanks, jeans and some sweats. I had one of the first hoodies that I returned as the hood was too small and the cut was as bit too slim for my tastes, but they updated the fit to have a functional hood so YMMV. I've been pretty happy with everything on the whole. There's been a huge influx of hypebeast type buyers though as they had a collaboration with Kith and it seems Kanye and Bieber have worn some of their stuff. Might be easier to buy via a stockist than direct.

Rand and Statler stocks some of their more basic stuff Moo.
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There are some grey jeans for sale in the sales thread... look kinda nice for $80.
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Good deal if they fit. The washed pair I'm wearing was $275 pre tax/shipping.
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Bonsoir !

My outfit today ...






l know (burgundy) velvet jackets don't get much love around here.. :hide:

I think it works with papent leather best (dress shoes or your low lanvin sneakers), and burgundy color works best with either dark grey or navy, l applied these "advice" to my outfit of the day... Here's the result.

Accessories : (not sure if the photo helps)

vintage silk blend scarf from the thrift shop

white pocket square with dark grey and burgundy stripes.


And another fan of velvet jackets (and a singer l like) ...

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hot chilis
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