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jeez it's chilly out
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wow that looks really low quality on my phone. don't worry, I look good
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Nice to see you join the Snowmanz club.

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Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post

So I was at the NMWA studio working on some thangs and Couldn't help myself but to try one of these bad boys from esemplare











Why am I covering my nose you say? 



Well the jacket is the SHIT. IT reeks of reversible goodness. 


Hope this doesn't sell out before I get the balls to buy it.

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Very cool jacket - though I very much doubt i'd be able to pull it off.




Downloaded Camera+ to get a timer on my phone. Had some trouble with the lighting, clearly. 


This height seems to get proportions more on point however.


Not simple balancing the phone on the back of a lounge though. :embar:


photo d45e2dca-552e-4f0e-bd34-53c5cd68dcac_zpse2cf3405.jpg






And tonight...

photo eb61e8ec-b234-4011-af38-5671a0e268d8_zpsce1ee027.jpg
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Your fits are pretty consistent these days Elisix.
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Artifact bag tote

It's My first WAYWT. I am on my way to the gym.
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WAYWT in art form.

Pizza Hut
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Og 5zip? If so we need real pics tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

jeez it's chilly out

Can't believe how much snow you guys got!
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it's snowing again today...
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^ I'm in Winnipeg - I'm sure it's nice and balmy back home. -25 here isn't that cozy tho. peir wu coat keeps me from dying - dunno why nobody copped it from SP when it was nicely discounted, it's a rad piece
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Oh that explains it haha! Yeah peir coat is toasty smile.gif

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get toasty, boys!
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That WAYWT painting is amazing.
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