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from a while ago back -

+J DB cashmere, Silent Damir Doma, Helmut Lang crotch covering shirt, Odin, Helmut Lang, Pierre Hardy
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Milano that's awesome, wish you posted more


zxcvbn that is cool. now stand up straight

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snowman, crop those pants! fistbump.gif

Hirsh, at least wear the coat? With the collar popped? And a smile?


apc chore coat
fisher space pen
ethnic peruvian alpaca
edmond docs
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I hope you asked the management to clean up that bathroom!
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First WAYWT for a long time...

Tenderloin cap
Moscot specs
Mr Freedom jacket and waistcoat
Ardour pocket square
Nigel Cabourn shirt
Mr Freedom jeans
White Mountaineering socks
Danner x Tanner boots
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SVB, that jacket looks to fit you perfectly.

back to MC today myself.



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Two sharp fits guys!
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thanks, snow. smile.gif
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teger you gotta stop with that hat
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budget chronoaug
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aether not teger
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Stormy Kromer Mackinaw 100% wool, 26 oz
Outlier shirt
Orvis sweater
Brooks Bros Milano chino
Darn Tough socks
Wolverine 1000s
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It's cold out here in Cali. CM casual-ish work stuff. Pants falling funny in pic, but no time to retake sorry. Also, bad hair day.

Textural Interest! (Click to show)

Begg - lambswool/angora
Epaulet (no-vis OCBD)
Ervell - baby alpaca
Epaulet - flannel
Andrew Locke

Hrmmm I realized I bought everything from a Styleforum affiliate except the Pantherella socks. shog[1].gif
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