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Originally Posted by clark kent View Post

don't listen to anybody e0d, that fit is badass and executed perfectly.

thanks. and i never really do =]
Originally Posted by Dorje View Post

I love the jacket but the rest looks like try-hard frat boy. If that's the intention then I guess it's a prefect fit but the jacket still doesn't work. e0d, you should sell me the jacket... smile.gif

pm me
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Originally Posted by SmileForum View Post


This looks so much better than the photos of the vest Oki-ni had when they were selling this. Hows the quality and warmth? 

Yea, I think Oki-ni's models are all very tallish and lanky. If I remember right the model was 6"+ and wearing a medium. I'm 5'8 and wear a L. If you're very tall and slim it may end up being a little on the short side. As far as quality goes it's top notch stuff from SISP. I think a lot of their quilted items from last season are very nice. Warmth, it's not gonna do a whole lot for you in super frigid weather, but it does act as a nice mid layer.
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Thumbed up Stanley before I even realized he was in the picture.

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best part of stanley pic is the warped dog in the corner grinning like a demon
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


bonus shot from yesterday

Will this be produced into an exclusive, one of a kind, signed photo as well?

Reference (Click to show)
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ghdvfddzgzdzg - that fit is awesome. really like the jeans.
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Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg View Post

kickin it at the levi's store (Click to show)
linda farrow/the row
alt apparel
"well loved" raleighs
fiorentini & baker
part of my hand, somehow

I'm so damn glad you put the time in to make that jacket look good.
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That jacket is truly freaking amazing.
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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Not sure how bright red new balances are "less" than earth toned boots.


Somebody said earlier, but I didn't see it when looking that they'd like to see this with black derbies.  I've worn these trousers like that before, but when I do that I usually do it with some kind of button up shirt and a normal navy wool gab blazer.  With things like the cap, vest, and fuzzy jacket, I like them a lot more with casual footwear, like these sneakers.


That said, the Visvim I have are desert camo and would look really, really bad with these pants.  Also, I wish they came out better in photos but these NB aren't a bright red at all, they're really a deep burgundy that just seems to photograph much brighter than they are.



Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

ahhh i want that fuzzy jacket!!!! I shouldn't have hesitated on it!
There is one in size Medium, on sale, on Dana Lee's website for the person with the fastest trigger finger.  It fits TTS and I've gotta say that it has easily been one of my most worn pieces of clothing since I got it.  Part of that is because I would wear it all day at my old office, but part of it is that I just really, really, like it and it's easy to put on with just about anything.



Originally Posted by spacepope View Post

4est tell me more about that sweater



If you meant the fuzzy jacket like someone else had thought, see above, if not, the Esemplare sweater is a felted wool crewneck (MORE TEXTUREfrom NMWA.  It's the first thing I picked up from them and it has been a go-to all winter.

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First day of the year so far without freezing temperatures.


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LL Bean (x2)

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said i was going to stop posting fits but i lied. back to crappy mirror photos.

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Mikey that looks awesome. You are really lookin good lately, only quip I have is that I would prefer tan/lighter brown boots with that. The earth tones + washed jeans are amazing, but the darkness of the boots throw me off. Here I am being SF picky tho


Unfortunately a medium would be too big on me, as the small leisure jacket I have shrunk just enough to be the "oversized perfect fit" I wanted. I had that thing bookmarked for so long but couldn't pull the trigger cuz I thought it was going to be too fuzzy, like shag carpet or something.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

said i was going to stop posting fits but i lied. back to crappy mirror photos.


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