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Shit you okay dude?
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Originally Posted by Noctone View Post

eli isn't it like balls deep into summer down there? how you wearin that jacket in that shit? dig it though, was within a hair's breadth of buying the navy wool version about half a dozen times over the season.

It's Australia Day today and we took the boat out to an island off Sydney Harbour. At 7AM this morning when we went out it was freezing. Besides that it's been raining and only about 23 degrees.

Came prepared though smile.gif

photo 8bd8f658-906f-4d31-816b-438bf01111eb_zps970888ee.jpg

On the jacket, I also considered the navy wool but I went with the Moss Green in the field coat and the Navy Wool in the Blazer Coat.

Alternative. Weather is pretty average unfortunately.

Beers are cold so all good smile.gif

photo 587fb730-9659-44e8-9fab-6db7cf544601_zps3c165a00.jpg

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SVB, that suit is aces. I like the shirt too. Seems like footwear is always your weak spot.
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toj, qlo faux shearling, hm, levis, n(n) x cons

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sup diniro scarf buddy

lanvin hat, barena sweater thing and pants, damir tee, carpe shoes, schneider scarf
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awesome hat, breezy.
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

Shit you okay dude?

Doing okay but I've been on crutches (and cane) for almost 8 months now. I had a bad fracture (and badly placed fracture/angle of fracture) in my left hip (femur neck). Because I'm still relatively young the doctors are trying to avoid total hip replacement...and so far I've had two surgeries trying to work with my existing bone structure to heal the break.

Surgery one (3 screws)

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This didn't work (non union, bones never bonded due to lack of compression) and then I had to have a second surgery and had a new piece of hardware put in. This was last month over Christmas:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I go back to my surgeon on Monday.... could be some 'alignment issues' with how the structure was set up on the second go-round so they may have to go back in for another procedure (or just decide to do a hip replacement rather than messing with it anymore).

Life can change quick on a Friday night just messing on a skateboard.... always be careful. Today is the first day I've been out of the house in a while.... and first day i've been out of sweat pants in over a month.
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im sorry to hear that man frown.gif
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Wishing you all the best, j.
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Sorry to hear that. Keep your chin up and all the best man!
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Believe in yourself dude. You're strong. You should be okay.  

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Best luck with all that madness. 

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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post




Originally Posted by Noctone View Post


Schneider/ZamB/John Elliott/Ann D
Is that hood the sweater or the coat? Either way looks fucking bad ass
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