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Sorry. frown.gif
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If you grew that facial hair out more and put on a floppy hat: Geller clad musketeer.
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I do have a hat coming! It isn't floppy though.
I'm probably going to be posting this coat a lot. I think it looks better at least partially zipped but I wanted to show the big scarf, which managed to be sloppily blowing in the wind in m photo anyway.
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i am very much in support of seeing how long melo can grow his beard. the whole beard, not just what surrounds his mouth
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i keep forgetting if i'm in the nba thread or not.
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@melonadejello that huge ass scarf is draped around so effortlessly - it takes skills to do that!

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LBM coat
Theory hoodie
Oni denim
Shit photo
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Not drunk : Drunk

photo e0c0b8a4-4923-48b8-9543-ab1d1ef18905_zps6cf24ad3.jpg

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Nom De Guerre
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I don't recognize this fit without the trademark pic angle.
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it's cold (Click to show)
somebody's homemade scarf
heattech (no vis)
jean shop t3
filson in the back
uniqlo windproof
ryder boot
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I know, it only hit 72 today
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That ToJ looks so good..
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