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Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post

for the militarism challenge

Replace sneakers with boots. Ditch blue shirt.
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Warning: apocalyptic knit closeup (Click to show)



some tee

MMM knit

KKA coat

UP jeans

AMD boots

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Regret not copping that MMM knit on yoox. so sick
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Jet style pic from last night. Bathroom not elevator though.

Inverallan/WvG/JE no vis Loake
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 Auximenes - beautiful coat. What size did you get?

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thx JB. 38. However, if like me, your size is usually 38 (and on the large side), then you should size up one. 40 will be better.

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Really like your fit @penanceroyaltea. You always make prints work well in a simple elegance way
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Penance and Auximenes, great looks. and Auximenes, that jacket is sick.
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thx man :)

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BBS blazer (my fave)

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details (Click to show)

texture (Click to show)
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Alts and deets Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Qasimi Homme 100% virgin wool
Yoon 100% Mohair wool
Mauro Grifoni Cotton/Wool/Silk
Diesel Suede

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dig the lapels on the qasimi coat
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NWI, I really like you in clothes that aren't too-tiny blazers.  you look good!

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