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Diniro, you´re killing it with all those shades of white. And every piece has a really cool detail to it. Fantastic fit, man.

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Diniro is fantastic. People should open up his profile and look at his few but choice donations to WAYWT.

There are a lot of great posters but Diniro ranks up there in terms of unique and clever fits
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90 yr old Grandpa wearing my TOJ. Rock on

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^ Excellent!
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awesome grandpa
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that's fresh as fuck
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Hey Bows how did you repaint your GATs? What kind of paint did you use? They look great
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haha, he honestly looks really good, kind of a dennis hopper vibe. must go in theTOJ hall of fame
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He is the youngest looking 90 year old I've ever seen.  

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I have the same exact microwave and stove, also same color kitchen cabinets. :happy:

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somebody get this guy a congratulatory cookie
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I think she's talking to you @jet :inlove: 

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Can't thumb on tapatalk, but grandpa looks really cool bows1. Also cool fits synth, spope, and quite a few people I can't remember now.

Thanks for the thumbs as well guys smile.gif.

This is from yesterday as I was leaving The Gambia:



Peir Wu
Burberry Prorsum

We were also viewing some buildings a few days back that were up for sale for a project we are working on and some of them looked really cool so thought I would share some photos as well -



And finally, New Year's Eve with my sis and daughter smile.gif.


Y's jacket
YYPH shirt
YYPH pants (no vis)
Individual Sentiments derbies (no vis)
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^^Whoa, you are one stylish man Ivwri. Bravo.

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