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Diniro, is that panel in the back part of the hoodie? very cool overall.

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Panel is from the HL bomber
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Ah, I see. Funky.


all white always looks super cool

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I was just thinking about an all white outfit this morning, too! @diniro pulls it off better though by a mile worship2.gif

making that Umit look good, i must reconsider
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damn that's dope diniro, big fan of all white (though my wardrobe is unfortunately lacking some white outerwear) 

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I own no white clothing :( 

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yeah that's really cool. best use of those sneakers too.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

Excellent white board, deniro.

Nice fit, Synth. What are the pants?

Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

I really like those pants, @Synthese

BR right? I think they would go well with my Fabio Quaranta jacket. I think you said I should wear it with a more drab color trouser that has some volume. Been looking for a pair forever ugh

Oh yessss, the pants are a Banana Republic 11$ outlet special. They have enough volume that I thought they'd maybe be interesting when tucked into things and styled with other weird crap. Jury's out, but at the very least, they fit over the shaft of these cowboy boots.
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Synth, nice

Diniro, nice
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Originally Posted by fireflygrave View Post

he did post a while back about feeling too much like a literal space captain...

This is a bad thing why?

Nice diniro
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Originally Posted by Jbravo View Post

 Rain and snow kill suede. And sorry, but damaged suede looks like shit.

I am surprised you dont like to wear down your boots. You seemed to like distressed and faded things based on your rps and the leathers you posted.

In any case, I think it was nicelynice who took his nice boots (jun?guidi?MA+?) and left them in elements in like a sack to further break them in? I remember that was a cool experiment.

In any case, wear it if you got it.

As an aside, now that I know my guidi size and how nice they are, I really want to get more downt he line. Something in sand or light grey suede. I would also like a pair of back lace boots but the convenience of a zip is really nice smile.gif
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Speaking about boots and elements: <- This thread is vaguely a testament to 10 sei 0 otto's quality
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thats what i was thinking of haha

sorry nn
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Uniqlo sweater

LL Bean flannel

Uniqlo chinos

LL Bean Katahdins

Nexus 7 for tablet selfies


Pretty new to WAYWT (as in this is my first post). Looking to go for a brighter more colorful look than what I usually do. Would love any critiques and whatnot to improve my outfits. 


Also, a side note, the pants in the last pic aren't from today, just a pic from when I was messing around with pinrolling but I ditched it because it looked pretty silly, like I was a carrot. Just a picture of the boots and my awfully dirty room that I need to clean.


Thanks a mill.

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