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Stitches, let's not go in circles here. You can't judge how a person looked in real life by a tiny 100 pixel avatar. 

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I sure can !
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Alright, just don't delete my posts again please, you're better than that.

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can you guys just stop responding fucking a man my finger's getting tired of scrolling with the invisible wheel

afl we have shawl off
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commas, jet bro, commas
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AFL killing the shawl fit. Quite envious.
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Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist View Post


10 points for slytherin
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Those evil green leather gloves (Chester Jefferies?) are -- excuse me -- dope.
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Awesome afl, those je's look good, might have to consider them when my nudies finally disintegrate. Casey looking good too though I vote for a longer tee.
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Merry Christmas Eve







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Back to spring, at least for a day.


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dude it's gonna be 80 degrees ya gotta take that cardigan off
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Jbravo, what are the boots and pants? thanks!
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 Beneysed, the pants are lost & found resinated linen and the boots are masnada horse leather.

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