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A walk-off is the only way to settle this

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I think that coat and fit looks pretty good, and I'm super jealous of that coat in particular. Still, from a personal standpoint, I actually agree with Isachenko - if I'm wearing a long coat, I want something warmer on than a low-neck t-shirt, or else there's no practicality to dragging around a long coat when something mid-length or a nice blazer would suffice. I do think that a light knit or a scarf would balance it a lit bit, like the look Reedo nailed with that Bless coat fit a bit back. I know "practical clothes for practical dudes" is pretty much the opposite of SW&D, but I've been moving in that direction a bit myself lately. Again though, awesome fit and awesome coat.
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spope looks fine to me like that. the t and long coat looks comfortable and good; I see ma+ styled like that a lot iirc. I do that sometimes, with the collar worn up. It isn't incongruous with the climate around here, maybe it is the same where he is. But a button down or knit would be fine as well. yay pope.
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Aside from the fact that this conversation is insane, oat with tee is run of the mill in CO. I was in a tee and sheepskin jacket today.
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It is completely stupid to agree with anything he says. I on the other hand agree with Stitches with the fact that how would you know what the weather is where spope is at, what if its to hot for a sweater and a coat? What if he doesn't want the business/office-esque look that a shirt and coat like he is wearing would give off?
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Originally Posted by einstine View Post

how would you know what the weather is where spope is at, what if its to hot for a sweater and a coat?

Again, I'm not knocking the fit, it looks great, but personally, if it's too hot for a sweater and a coat, then I'll save the hassle and not wear a coat. When I'm out I tend to walk around quite a bit, long coat gets heavy

edit: Also, I don't even know why I'm posting this, dude looks awesome in awesome coat.
Here's a picture of some vicunas:

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this is insanity ...
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I'll throw in for a light wool coat, weather permitting. I don't find the extra length too awkward, plus it keeps the boys warm. It can be a bit of a pain if I have to carry it around a bunch, or drape it over the back of a chair, but I'll "suffer" that little bit for the steez.


A heavy wool coat, oth, just sucks.

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Isachenko posts. So good and informative. More please. It's as if based god shat margiela anal plugs himself
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Had no idea the coat was made from Bambi, I want one now too but in natural Vicuna color. 

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I was joking but always appreciate your colorful posts. Looks like Pope got a great deal at only $1100:


http://re-porter.ca/clothing/vertical-pocket-coat/ (Notice the power of advertising, as the site styles the coat with a t-shirt.)


If you care to answer, is Brother(-) a proxy account or is it your only account that Fok continuously bans?

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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

we need a 20 minute version of this biggrin.gif

I've actually thought about doing a similar medley of what I did for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on MMLP2. Let's see if I find the time and commitment.
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jil sander

closeup/alt shot (Click to show)

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