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That looks really awesome, Bert 

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Originally Posted by steveoffice View Post

@gdl203, do people have trouble recognizing you? you look like a totally different person with a beard+new hair inlove.gif

Actually, yes. I've had a couple of instances of walking to someone to say hi, only to watch them take a step back with a slight puzzle on their face. Usually lasts 1.5 seconds and then they see it's me behind the weirdo beardo
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so much good stuff lately. I have been too goddamned busy but I need to get back into posting. everyone else, please just keep it up.

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Thanks. I think they are reversed calf I had some reversed horse and they were stiffer leather, these are a little softer.
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didn't notice the blazer not sitting right, oh well.

Paul Harnden/Et Al/Paul Harnden/MA+
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eff ya bertram

^nice guy - the flower is a nice touch
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Guy who makes those boots?
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Guy, not a fan of those boots in that particular fit, seems incongruent, unless I am completely missing what your intent was

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I really like the shape.
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On second glance, those boots totally look like big slugs
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Originally Posted by el Bert View Post

That's funny I wore that same coat but different challenge.



This style and fit are spot on, one of the best I've seen here. Your shoes couldn't match the coat any better and the baby blue-ish with forest green contrast complement perfectly. Look forward to seeing other fits.


Can you link me the thread this challenge was from?



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Originally Posted by bhajz View Post



The jacket and scarf look like high end cashmere, great color too. Not a fan of the shoes and the rolled up jeans would probably look good with boots instead, otherwise with other sneakers recommend unrolled jeans with the right inseam. 


I'd also go with a different shirt color or at least lighter or darker shade of blue just to not wash out the styling. It would also help accent how luxurious jacket/scarf are, what fabric is it btw?

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