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was indoors most of the time,


11113992804_b84d2e139c_z.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

in hindsight, i think i'll go without the u-neck tee next time shog[1].gif
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like that knit
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Gettoasty, that coat looks amazing, that's the Lemaire, yeah? Bet it's beautiful in motion

Fake WAYWT - got my Cloak suit back from the tailor, still needs to be pressed, wore this out to dinner, though:

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really like both those fits NN. suit looks great
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makin me want those jun boots
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NN that suit looks great. 

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Both looks look great nn. Glad you started posting more frequently smile.gif
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Originally Posted by J BAILEY View Post

Is that the current season W+H jersey blazer? (Looks good BTW!)

fistbump.gif Thanks. No, it's from an awesome dude on b&s.
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Like that dip dye seersucker Vitruvius. Always wanted to visit Cyprus

I thought Stitches was at Ravens tailgater. :-)
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Spending my Black Friday at a cane grindin' in north Florida.


Bottle of hot fresh cane syrup.

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soooo many good fits lately.

vitatimh-- the pants look great smile.gif

helmut lang camel coat
paul smith shetland wool sweater
helmut lang moleskin trousers
carpe diem boots
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zissou, that looks great.

edit, you too, ghost. awesome.

@steveoffice - where am i now? smile.gif



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Peir Wu x snowman collab coming to an end!! Thanks for all the kind words guys, I really appreciate it smile.gif
Have a great Black Friday!!

Felted wool hat
Boiled wool siki im
Lambs wool cardigan
Felted wool peir Wu trousers
Suede kva boots
Leather ute ploier electric blue detail gloves
Smile smile.gif
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