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:hide: hopefully monochrome


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Iris tailor blue tux/pants (vitale barberis canonico revenge series super 140s wool) / Marc Jacobs shirt/ Mr Hare Miller patent toecaps.  
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

@penanceroyaltea - indeed it is! thanks, man. smile.gif

damn you've come a long way stitches :)  fit's perfect. drape's perfect. and that fabric is just :drool:

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Originally Posted by penanceroyaltea View Post

damn you've come a long way stitches smile.gif  fit's perfect. drape's perfect. and that fabric is just drool.gif

indeed i have. thanks for noticing. glad you like suit too!

great looking challenge fit, btw.
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Abraxis, I feel you. The collecting aspect of clothing is at least as important to me as the wearing. It just feels good when you finally own the piece you've been after for months.
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Thanks notwithit! Yeah I'm fundamentally here for amusement and knowledge and not any sort of validation. If the posters stop posting posts that I really enjoy reading or I stop being interested in clothes (Happens periodically) I'd assuredly vanish. I've voraciously read 5-6 threads here since my join date and have a pretty good recollection so I am aware of the fit-quality/tastes/tenor of most who give me advice and that serves as the grains of salt I evaluate their feedback with.

Most of the guys with the especially aggressive criticism aren't even blips on my radar as I don't recognize their names. If I have read their posts before or seen their fits then it was unmemorable and don't remember them sharing any interesting tidbits on brands/pieces I've cared about. So it's very hard to care about what they say as by my system of values they don't really matter in any sense smile.gif They would have to produce something I consume before I start the journey of caring about anything they say... let alone letting anything they say affect any aspect of my life. I'm enough of a troll to just get amused to think that they think they might be able to affect me in any way as surely they must think they can... or else why continue to follow up post? lollllllllll

Yeah K. Nights I'm a total sucker for a good story or perceived good value.

I'm attracted to artisanal/Japanese brands and brands like Schneider who I feel offer a better value than most designers as they develop their own fabrics/materials and the effort that goes into construction/labor costs. E.g. they are pursuing/reproducing inefficient traditional techniques and are making their stuff in europe/japan/us and not moldova*cough rick*/china. And that I'm not paying (Or paying less) for the brand/marketing costs than a... I dunno D&G? product.

Also the size of the brands I'm interested in means they are likely not benefiting from economies of scale or moving insane product and making Armani/LVMH money. Though obviously I'm fooling myself more than a little when I buy CCP when it comes to perceived value smile.gif

Still I'd like to believe that means that producing awesome shit is more of a focus to the designers I care about more than also making buku bucks. I appreciate that sentiment, but who knows maybe they just suck at business and I've made a pretty story in my head haha ;p Like I said I'm a sucker for that kind of thing.

That's also why I have multiple pairs of overpriced boots made from leather purportedly buried in the Afghan desert for 10 years sourced from a now-defunct cult label even though I know that shit isn't going to be any kind of durable.
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x-post from parkers challenge thread.

got this shirt on vacation a few years ago, and now its back. bonus double print pic from the day after i got the shirt, included below.

also, will be using this for kgs monochrome challenge in MC. smile.gif

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I thought the whole point of styleforum was how can I be the baddest mother fucker I am capable of being?, which would include clothing, career, cars, travel, home, and fitness. They all seem like they go together and if you're neglecting aspects of your life, you're faking it.
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^ oy vey. 




Originally Posted by penanceroyaltea View Post

:hide: hopefully monochrome



and print-worthy! super nice, p-royaltea.

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I get what TK says but I don't really think of it like that.

My taste, style, or interest in how things look, whatever you wanna call, extends beyond just clothing. The aesthetic I like doesn't just apply to clothing. I see many similarities between the designers I like, the music I listen to, how my ideal home would look and what type of cars I like. They all fit under the same theme or mood that I can identify myself with.

For instance, it always bugs me when I see fit pics of people decked out in the most expensive clothes while the background looks like a student room of a 16 year old. Pretty common sight on SZ. Or guys that wear the all black, slim and sleek, coat and sidezips aesthetic while their music taste is like the billboards top. I understand if you don't have money to spend on your flat or if you simply don't care that much about music, but then that actually seems like some sort of faking to me. It's like you're just playing dress up without understanding what you're doing and why you even like to dress that way in the first place. If I meet someone who wears all Ann or RO, I expect their home to look like something that resembles that aesthetic. Hope this makes sense. Rant over
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Geller jacket
Dana Lee tee
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x-post from kgfan's challenge thread 


Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post


Some details (Click to show)

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Dat beard icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

S coat is so sick and fits you charmingly ;-)
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