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Originally Posted by noob View Post

Wait a fucking minute. NO SPORTCOAT.
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Abraxis,you remind me of one of my favorite guys from cm.

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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

i think its the same reason i never really got into kunks fits because they still sort didnt quite look right fit wise on him
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Boring fit, more excited by the GIANT TREE that has been installed 2 mins from my apartment

All fits will be taken here until New Years

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kinda late here but to abraxis:

agree with everyone on the pants, but i actually like the slightly oversized look on the jacket. i'd probably change the pants to some black sweats or something with a ribbed cuff and put on a pair of fly knits/black roshes/nike frees/y-3 qasas--gotta push that tech look further, and you don't even have to break the bank that much.

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Since everyone is jumping on the Abraxis advice train, I'll just throw this out there:

The oversized jacket looks pretty cool, I think, I mean it's a rain jacket yeah? It's supposed to fit a little big so you can layer it. The softshell fits perfect, so...

I think what's throwing people off is the break on those pants which make it a little messy. Stacks only really look good on slim-cut denim. The pants themselves fit pretty well, just try hemming or cuffing them, it'll look a lot cleaner.


OK, anyways, I completely forgot what I was talking about after cleaning that up. Oh yeah, I was gonna say, avoid the boot/shoe-tuck as well. It's temping to wanna show off cool footwear, but it doesn't work so well for shorter/stockier dudes. I'm about 180cm and I've never been able to make it work in a way that felt natural for me - always felt forced.

I dunno how big your calves are, but I have big thighs/butt relative to my shoulders and legs and my transcendental moment in buying pants came when I got started getting some with really loose thighs and a drastic taper. Boris Bidjan Saberi P11 or P13 (forgot which, maybe both!!), some of the Label Under Construction cuts, the more fitted KK Attachment drop-crotch pants (I'm wearing the drop-crotch denim in the fit above), basically anything relaxed through the thigh that tapers just above the knee will look good as long as it's properly sized (i.e. don't buy them without trying them on). Just make sure to wear them a bit higher on the waist than usual if the crotch is very low. Pants like this are both comfortable and have a really clean silhouette.
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Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post


I just spit out my coffee when I read that!
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^ Butterfly effect.
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non-vis black jeans, hmmmmmmms bored.gif
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Thanks for the additional advice all smile.gif It's very helpful and illuminating especially in how consistent most of it is. I'm glad the earthquake didn't get you and thanks for continuing to advise after it nicelynice!

Will look into getting the pants tapered and hemmed a bit. Was trying to avoid it due to construction/material, but seems like its well worth exploring. Yeah my calves are pretty big as well as thighs and there's a huge drop at the knee. I remember my universally panned attachment leather fit awhile back where someone was like what's up with the stacks on the knee... think that's just how my body works though I guess I can select pieces to better work around it.

Then again maybe my measurements are pretty normal.. (24" thigh, 15" above the knee, 12.5" below the knee, 15" calf, 8.5" at the ankle). Not trying to cry the "my thighs are too big!!! sad sad" party line.

Frankly I should probably get the pants the designer wears with the piece which are more tapered and I think similar to nicelynice's suggested cut.

Regarding the sizing on the outer, I believe the fit is supposed to be a bit loose though definitely the designer carries it better than I and as nicelynice suggests my primary rationale for buying any acronym was to prepare for my move to SF/winter as I don't own anything particularly waterproof at all. Basically wanted something with a hood and nice super waterproof technical fabric that I can wear over my less water proof clothes.

Went with acronym because of all the geeky little design gimmicks... the outer can be pulled open quickly/cleanly a la superman, the gimmicky middle pocket latches across the zipper with a magnet (Magnets everywhere!) and it has these pockets in the sleeves by the wrist that open at the cuff called gravity pockets where it absolutely makes sense to put some sort of throwing knives or small ninja stars in to slide into my hands at a mere flick of the wrist. Plus supposedly there are 9 pockets in the jackets. I've only found 7 or maybe 8 and that's counting the gravity pockets generously as four as it has closures inside and outside the sleeve. The purported 8th pocket was pointed out to me by the store, but I'm still not sure I agree it's a pocket yet. Anyway that leaves a few pockets yet to discover, gotta catch them all! Really the most fun technical clothing game smile.gif

I don't think I could pull off a size down as well :/ armholes would be too restricting.

I suppose I should address my hair at some point. Hair is a mystery to me for sure... I've just recently graduated from shaving my head every 2-4 months on the lowest setting for the last 8 years to getting my hair cut once every 1-2 months ;p Certainly never styled it. How do people usually figure out hair? Get a stylist to take a stab to give you a baseline/direction then experiment? Or pure experiment? Well, I'm sure there are threads on this... I'll look around.
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x-post from the Dischord challenge thread, where forumites duke it out over the relative merits of Q St. vs. U St. in our nation's capital.
Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

I guess I was thinking in terms of mixing brands/designers that aren't traditionally seen together in a fit without having the whole thing dissolve into a chaotic and unseemly mess. Not that I necessarily succeeded in doing so. shog[1].gif

J Crew x Alden

Seeking textural harmony in the midst of aesthetic dissonance:
Warning: texture (Click to show)
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I actually like that a lot more than your normal fits honestly. Looks good to me.
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Abraxis, the design on the acronym is not good. They offer much nicer jackets. It might work in a more busy fit with some cargo pants and a large technical backpakc. Sizing down on jacket and pants would look better, too.

nn, thats flawless.
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Long time no fit
I have a wedding to go to today. The bride (my cousin) is a designer and she uses her abstract paintings for her fabric patterns so I thought this would be appropriate; it's also at the beach

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