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That's all she wrote folks. GG.
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I guarantee El Bert is the best dressed dude within a 50 mile radius of his mysterious coastal hideaway.

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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

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So, yesterday my girlfriend tells me that she has a surprise. Won't say anything else, just tells me to 'dress weird,' which I guess is how I look half the time anyway. So I show up, she starts driving us somewhere, and I have no idea where. Can't figure it - even when we end up at an event center I have no idea what we're doing...until I see hordes of people wearing NIN tees.

So rad.


bottom to top: Ann, Plokhov, ROx2...Engineered Garments

Concert was awesome. I am not a concert goer (I've been to maybe three?), which made it really exciting for me, and I had an unbelievably good time. What I found most noticeable was how insanely friendly every single person we dealt with was, whether it was the staffers, the parking attendants, the firemen, or the crowd. Imagine the most stereotypical NIN fan you possibly can, and they were all there - but so were kids, grandmas, goth queens, hippies, and everyone else. Not a single person was anything other than unfailingly polite, and no one looked twice at anyone else, regardless of platform wedges, leather bodysuits, chained piercings...or giant white boots (unlike when you're, say, shopping in Anthropologie). What a great experience.

They played a lot of great music. Explosions in the Sky opened, who I like, but it was the wrong crowd and the wrong venue, which was too bad. I don't think I could pick a favorite moment. At first I would have said "Tell a Lie," which they played early on, but then they played "Survivalism," which was absolutely perfect, and then they played "Wish" and everyone get to yell 'fist fuck' as loudly as possible. But I'm not sure that you can top thousands of voices, all crying out at once: "head like a hole!"

i hope you crossposted this to the incongruous challenge. pairing the eg with the ann is so wrong but so right
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I don't have any better pictures, but if I can't pull of something weird by the weekend, I will.

Speaking of, just to signal boost:



We have K-Swiss shoes paired with Plokhov and thesoloist, we have velvet jackets, gladiator sandals, and giant faces. We got it all.
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Oh, giant faces.

"Reading" "comprehension." shog[1].gif
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Wrong thread. Your post in Ask a Question was sufficient. I can't believe I googled it, but it looks terrible. Like some bootleg Diamond Supply Co.
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In what way is it terrible though, is it the clothing or the website design?

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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

I guarantee El Bert is the best dressed dude within a 50 mile radius of his mysterious coastal hideaway.

Funny thing is I didn't even know where I was going I took this road into the hills and I ended up turning around because I thought id end up on the other side of the Bay Area. Pretty sketchy narrow road that's travels right next to Tunitas creek.

I want to do Synthese challenge.
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HMB tho
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I think it's Pescadero area that's where I was going I stopped at this place that was selling there own honey and produce.
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I had been waiting for the day for el bert to start posting consistently

I saw the fire on the horizon many moons ago

Also, i dont like synths fit frown.gif
The bottom half looks like a terrible fit I once did with dc sweats + BB white hightops. If it werent for the synthz overall amazing proprotions I think that fit would be a lot worse.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

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Happy b-day. Looks comfy.
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thanks. wings + horns wool ma1 is awesome. i tore the lining though and need to get it fixed frown.gif
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

productive comment!

Originally Posted by Abraxis View Post

Will get to the tailoring the sleeves at some point, maybe.

Finally bit the bullet and cut the derby laces down to a usable length. I loved how the red laces looked wrapped around the shoe a la the product shots, but it'd always come apart multiple times through the night and given how fragile they were stepping on them and potentially snapping them was not favorable.
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thom browne

My bad was on the fly while waiting to extubate. The pants kill the fit, the should match the structure of the top i think or be something really wild, not this blobby thing. I also think the tan boots dont look that great with it either and that it should be laced derbies. The sweater is not bad.

The blazer in general might be a little misproprotioned for your build. It feels like it might be constricting and uncomfy
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