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olde english style?

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At least you guys part your hair in different directions.
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Meh I think v looks good. seems to be figuring out what works for him nicely while still staying in that grungy aesthetic. keep it up, dude
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Hahaha that is hilarious bows
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bows, is that your brother?  ;)

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Very warm day. Feels more like Spring and not Fall. Really loving the new pants. Thanks Habitant.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Originally Posted by NaTionS View Post

At least you guys have hair.

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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

^ agreed, like the garments but pose doesnt help the look, legs are too close together, should spread 'em or something.

Uh.... uh.... I need an adult!!

But really, it's sort of an unavoidable fact of nature that I have pretty wide hips. Sure, I can choose clothing that mitigates it, but STANDING in a certain way for a photo strikes me as pointless. It is what it is.

Thanks Breezy smile.gif
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sorry for my very awkward pose

Allsaints cargo leather biker jacket

band of outsiders button down

levis 511 jeans

allsaints cropped military boots

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Shirt seems kind of out of place. Jeans fit also looks a little weird, but might just be the angle
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I think your looks have been great vitatim! Really working that jacket smile.gif
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our legacy
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Birthday today so i'm going to post primarily for shits and giggles.

speckled coat, scarf, pants, boots, camera, daft punk


On a side note, one of my best friends is going backpacking in asia and I helped him picked up a pair of petite standards for his trip, hopefully he enjoys them. In addition, what's cool for traveling ( and useful primarily)? Thanks for advice, feel free to PM.
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x-post from SW&D Saturday Discord Challenge

Uniqlo shirt
Soloist jacket
Plokhov pants
K-Swiss shoes
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Repost cause I just remembered I made this
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