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Ghostface while I like the cuff in that fit, I feel like a lot of your fits might benefit from staxxx


also that coat goddamn

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Staxxx are down 40% this winter.

I need a turtleneck the same color as that MHowell

I know that coat.
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Ghostface, I'm so into it.

You look super cool.
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Cooling weather trends = awesome fits.

ps. sorry Aussies.
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Ahhhh, beautiful combo of textures and colours.  Still craving some moleskin trousers. 


Those Geller pants look comfy. What are the boots?

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ghostface makes me reconsider my wardrobe every time.


rublev, they're Geller x CP, I think.

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mesta ghostfase s3lam lookin v. nice =]
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ghostface crushing nod[1].gif
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

in a few months reedo you'll be asking where to find some slim sweat pants with matching jacket, psh w/e

I've already got the slim sweats... shog[1].gif
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Duuude lotsa cool fits today.

The geller suit is like a budget version of Damir in his heyday. Wrapping yourself in rough earthen fabrics n stuff. Perhaps wish the jacket was longer, but I dig it.

magicalporks and s3lam with the sweet color palettes.

and yeah, ghostface that's killer. backdrop is way too visually interesting though. try a cul-de-sac next time
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So cool melon! Suit is really good
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yess ghostface
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oh wow ghostface. that is the ish.
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Great fits guys. Bows, Ghostface, SynthPope, Nicely, MP :slayer:

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