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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Not really sure why surroundings matter. If people are supposed to match their environment, we can end the forum now and just tell everyone to go to GAP.

While normally I don't care about backdrop in fitpics (I mean my god, my backdrop 90% of the time is the cat's litter box closet), the juxtaposition is just SO pronounced haha, it's like he just woke up in the middle of that street dressed like that (hence the confused expression)

Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

i have no comment on the fit really, but i feel like your post is something that would come straight out of the mouth of your avatar. are you bill watterson irl?

I fucking wish, Bill is my hero. Have any of you read his annotated collection? There were a few entries in there that brought me to tears
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@ reedo - the man is a gem. have not read all of that, but will make a note to.

@ cyc - fantastic mini vid . C&H was one of the best parts of my childhood. I should also get back to reading them again.
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Originally Posted by Rais View Post

What's wrong with his build? It all looks like it fits his body very well. Reminds me of charly or kunk's RO fits.

Not saying anything is WRONG with his build, but the clothes make his gut look bigger. The triangle created by the open jacket, the torso quilting, the billowy fabric around the middle, the dropcrotch + taper... not the best combo. I think a more fitted, normal length tee would be an easy fix.

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Thoughts of fit? I'm on the fence of exchanging my bomber for a medium. You know for layering. Small feels restrictive.

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From the Turtleneck Challenge...

I encourage everyone of you to participate











More Turtleneck Goodness (Click to show)





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Same stuff as usual

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Crosspost from the SNS thread, haven't posted in a while:



SNS Herning
J Brand
CP Tournament High
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Originally Posted by Distorbiant View Post

SVB and Stitches have to be the most consistent fit posters on here.


When are we going to see you guys decked out in monochrome leather and zippers?


Nah, definitely Regis, though both of the above are also consistent.  Regis takes the idea of the "contentment" thread to the next level, IMO.

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Tira, where is dat at?
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^Interesting... I like it. Not sure the vest and pant colors work so well together, but that just might be me.
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

aiiight i'll weigh in on the leeroy fit

1. i'd hate to see the outfit that does match the suburban backdrop.

2. i dig the drapey sweats + tops but wish you'd beat up the shoes a little. i suppose that will come with time

3. the jacket. it's uncomfortably clear that either you can't close your jacket or it would take effort to do so. Def sell it, then either grab a larger size (the charly/kunk route) or opt for some outerwear that fits around your body like a bomber, single breasted trench similar to kg's IS jacket, etc.

Svb floral T-shirt @ no 1. And I loved it.
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