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I lol'd.
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Label Under Construction
Hollywood Trading Company
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might just be the angle but the fit on the jeans is the only thing that I'm not feeling


what fabric is that LUC?

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It's made from old military tent canvas from the 50's apparently. Certainly is thick, and you can see some of the original seams on some panels.
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tellure i have a feeling you're not that long-legged in real life, but that fit could benefit from slimmer jeans, maybe with a simpler fabric to draw more attention to the jacket's texture. jacket is sweet.
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The proportions on that pic are pretty accurate. I'm about 6' tall. And yeah I have some slimmer cut jeans but I find when you have slim boots + slim jeans + slim jacket you kind of lose any variation on the silhouette. Plus those drkshdw's are just damn comfortable. Too bad they're falling apart though.. probably the worst-wearing denim I've ever had.. even at 50% off retail it's a travesty. Gonna take 'em to a denim repair shop on the weekend.
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I kinda like it how it is, a slimmer pant could work for that aesthetic but I don't think it it's necessary, I think you just need to pull your pants up?
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Those pants look pretty spot-on perfect, I have no clue what the issue in question is
Looks like basic well-fitting clothes with interesting textures - the kind of fit that looks good to people who aren't into clothes as well as nerds into jackets sewn from 50s military tents
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pants are fine yall trippin
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Originally Posted by blahspam View Post

 Lookin good. Deets on the shirt?

 The Stark really suits you. Is that the triple blue?

Apparently these posts send you an email. Silent long sleeve though.
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i'm stickin with my verdict. though i still have a feeling the camera angle skews things a bit. do you own carrot-shaped sweats/trousers or whatever? those would work really well too and give you the silhouette variation you're looking for
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Tellure that is awesome stuff. Great textures. Perfect fit to me.
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Let the schism continue: The jacket, pants, and boots are all too similar colour and texture. Looks a bit off in the picture, but perhaps irl the differences are more apparent.

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tellure, the fit of the jeans is perfect. but i'm not feeling the jacket. maybe you could try something longer to balance everything out? maybe in a woolen texture.
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tellure i really like the jacket-- it's the perfect length on you. but you should swap the shoes with a non-suede leather to create more contrast with everything else
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