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Nice fit Casey, I got one of those R&BxTarget cardis too, pretty nice for the $25 I spent on it.

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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Thanks! it's pretty nice. Not inverallan thick, but so much less scratchy. Very, very comfy over a T. I would happily try an XXL at some point, too - I guess this must be the infamous 'new version,' which is not as long as I thought it would be, but I'd say it's a good looking cardigan and it's an excellent piece to own.

basically its perfect. just as i presumed. cheers.gif


@ teger - i did not come here and ask people to dress me while i mindlessly reap the fruits of their labor. i stated very specifically what i wanted, one single clothing item (a tee shirt), for a specific type of fit, and asked for some recs.

what access i may or may not have is irrelevant. i am not (yet) a mostly SWD guy, and i do not really think its worth it (for me) to go on some tee shirt hunting expedition, as my need for a tee is so limited.

all i did was ask people who have knowledge on the matter to rec stuff that might work for me, and that they should not hold back on price because i am interested in whatever is out there (obvi im not about to buy a $500 tee shirt). hell, after 3 or 4 of your useless mad replies you actually gave some helpful ideas, however begrudgingly and angrily.

i dont think anyone here owes me shit, but i know that a lot of people here are happy to help someone out, so i asked for some help on an area i know nothing about to save me some time and effort. thats right, i dont think trying a bunch of tees out right now will be all that beneficial to me. but in general, yes, trying is the best way to learn.

wow, im a such a dick to do that.

breezy - i am sorry but i have no idea what that post meant.

V - will look at WvG. right now that and RRL/RL/LVC sound good to me.
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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

I assumed rick Owens suggestion was a joke. Experimenting is great but when you dont have access in person to brands it can be expensive and frustrating. Maybe you have the patience for it, but I really don't.

With that said, try a WvG tee stitches. lightweight with good drape, long (you may even need to hem), normal neckline. I can't guarantee how it will look on your body, but they're pretty nice. Only $25 with loyalty discount.


+1 on the WvG tees. For the (loyalty) price they're pretty much unbeatable right now. If you want something a bit thicker, John Elliott & Co tees are solid. (Does anyone else find the JE&Co SF thread a little weird?)

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Best plain T's I own in no particular order: Balmain, JE, WvG, W+H. Acne limits are ok too I guess.
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The JE thread is terrible. I've brought this up before. Based on what I've seen from all their other stuff (quite slim) and that one awful fit pic of the tee in the thread, I assumed they would be too slim for stitches.
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alden thread still worst thread
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It might as well have its own forum section.
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whoever owns the most john elliott tees should start calling himself colonel and everyone else in the thread lieutenant.
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James Perse makes some nice tees, made in USA too. Also AA viscose tees.

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Would be nice to be this comfy at work. Work fit was pretty boring biz caz today. Pretty previous level errand fit, but whatever.

Uniqlo / JE x2 / Jordan
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rephrase: stitch check out wings and horns tees, reigning champ, nonnative, and merz b schwanen (their "army" shirt is the ideal white t shirt IMO)
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i like it all cept the jordans. would look great with some good black dressier shoes - some jil bluchers or something. jordans make you look kind of blocky.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

alden thread still worst thread

Why so (just curious - not trying to start anything, it's just that I see this sentiment a lot when reading/posting in other threads and don't quite get it).
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what's with the uncle/nephew in the alden thread

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Stitches takes one step closer to his ultimate manifestation as goth rabbi in og damir and yy
Can't wait
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