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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

i feel bam chair dance has been posting the same fit for years. different pieces, but always black shoes, black pants and slim black blazer.


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Thanks for the thumbs, guys. :)



Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post

Ahh, so ridiculous but so good
That's what I wish I wore to college everyday

I wish I wore this in college too; wore it to work and people probably think I'm weird.


spacepope: If I get tired of it, I'll give you a holler. :embar:

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Oh and for what it's worth:

I like the mesh layer
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every time i see short/cropped blazers i feel like it's their sister's jacket
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VitaTimH I think that might be my favorite from you. Socks work well imo

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Originally Posted by VitaTimH View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Now that I look at it, darker socks probably would have looked heaps better.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

been looking for these shoes for ~4 years, showed up about two weeks ago!

I feel like this is too clean, too neatly put together and as a result it looks a bit off. I think small changes (layering, buttoned/unbuttoned etc) while keeping all the main items would make a huge difference.

n(n) x converse odessa ?
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Originally Posted by Tigerprawn View Post

^_^ I'm boring

hisoka. frown.gif wish the mangaka would draw some more but i understand he's ill
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melon-- i like the sharper lines in those two fits (sans the mesh layer). the white button up and clean-shaven face are a good look for you.

vitatimh-- is it possible to size up on your soloist jackets? (i don't know how restrictive the sizing is.) also, yes, layer & unbutton!
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nah time for him to sell the blazer
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I'm already wearing 3 layers underneath though! Any more and I'd go full Michelin man...

sipang yeah they're the Converse x n(n) odessas.

the jacket's a medium, during the fall (or back in Texas) it fits exactly how i want it with just a shirt underneath... it's a bit snug with undershirt + shirt + sweatshirt right now but not uncomfortably tight. I've never needed to layer out of necessity in my life, thus the majority of my outerwear is fairly fitted shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

really like that second fit melon. great layering. I'm not super familiar with the way Geller styles stuff, but maybe a loose tee would work instead of the white collared shirt. I dunno. it's cool look anyway. 

Yeah, that would be ideal, but I just didn't feel that anything I have was long enough to hit the right balance. Your approval means a lot redface.gif

Thanks Milano, Who, Ghost, etc smile.gif

Sure I could have posted it without the mesh but at least this got some comments out of people. More fun this way.

I really think it would be much easier to pull off if it was a 44 like my black one, which surprisingly barely anyone said anything about (Cept B!CD icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif) when I posted it.
So much more manageable
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Originally Posted by diniro View Post

looking like bam!chairdance without the facial hair

Lol I can kind of see it, though it may just be the stare "plain.gif"
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melonade, those fits make me really really edge closer to getting the lad musician short aprons.

(even though your not wearing an "apron", same type of proportions)

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Like this?

Sounds like a great plan to me
Not digging the plaid patterns themselves that much but I like that idea too
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Whoah, I saw my barista wearing that today...
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