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Wore the tan MMM boots, but I wanted to try on the Vibergs that came in today. Will probably pair Vibergs with cargo/fatigue pants.

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boots beautiful, pants look a size too big?
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No way, impossible to size down more on these. Plenty slim enough for chinos.
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are those the duck canvas? i had to get mine tapered, found them way too baggy. which is strange because all other epaulet stuff ive owned has been really slim.
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How are the vibergs? Looks good with the pants. Can't imagine slim mmm boots there redface.gif
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EP pants are the old gunmetal rivets.

Aforementioned MMM boots are the line 11 chunkier campus boots, so not quite as slim as normal side zips. Vibergs are solid, the color is pretty nice. I sized same as the Barrie last, will probably require thicker socks (although dress socks would probably be uncomfortable anyway). Some minor finishing imperfections that remind me of Alden (not in a good way), but they're not noticeable when worn.

PSA woodlore shoe trees aren't gonna cut it for these boots shape wise, at least in my combination of 8.5 and medium size shoe trees.
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Pants look slim enough, just a case of hands in pockets
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hands in pockets making pants look weird shog[1].gif

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Originally Posted by conceptual 4est View Post


This all makes sense, thanks for clearing that up guys.  I hadn't realized about the service policy.  And mer, I've set aside money for a busted submariner.  I've done that for a few years now, although I only casually look. It's actually just a sort of rainy day fund for a few specific non-clothing vanity items if I come across them, since I would hate to miss out on something because I didn't have the cash handy.  It's money I put aside after selling my MB 190e 2.3-16v Cosworth (always a mouthful) to get similar beautiful and rare but useless items.  That said, I still wouldn't want to use it on a 4.5k watch nor would I want a Sub that clean (not rare enough :-P )


First of all, sorry for cluttering up the thread with non WAYWT posts (I guess), but you can get a non-sub Rollie for $3k in quality used condition and beat it up yourself (I like Explorer I's), but there're plenty of really good alternatives.  Good luck man.

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Now that I look at it, darker socks probably would have looked heaps better.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

been looking for these shoes for ~4 years, showed up about two weeks ago!
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

i feel bam chair dance has been posting the same fit for years. different pieces, but always black shoes, black pants and slim black blazer.


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Thanks for the thumbs, guys. :)



Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post

Ahh, so ridiculous but so good
That's what I wish I wore to college everyday

I wish I wore this in college too; wore it to work and people probably think I'm weird.


spacepope: If I get tired of it, I'll give you a holler. :embar:

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Oh and for what it's worth:

I like the mesh layer
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every time i see short/cropped blazers i feel like it's their sister's jacket
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