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I feel like the point where the pants mean the shoes is hurting this ... something about it feels way too delicate. Not sure how to articulate it better. I like it, conceptually. redface.gif
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I feel the point where the mesh skirt meets the outfit is hurting the outfit.

And you shaved plain.gif
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Originally Posted by InHocSignio View Post

Love the footwear

NN is that the long version blazer or the regular?
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

if i ever saw svb in the wild, i would introduce myself as miran and talk at length about last night's dinner. that's, like, a no-brainer


i wish somebody would do an interview with miran for styleforum. talk of interviews on RFT makes me think his would be hilarious.

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melonade, wanna give it a thumb so bad but that mesh shkirt is killing me
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UR KILLIN ME BRAD oh well I'll try again with combats and my fishtail

Sorry jet! It's been a year and I felt like mixin it up

Reedo...................................GOOD biggrin.gif Wish I could find a 44 though, this 46 is so much longer and wider than my black 44
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Cream/White combo is not working for me, same for cream mesh over black, praise the effort though.
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Leather jacket looks great tho, fits perfectly
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surprised you can even tell that the mesh is cream, DAT MONITOR CALIBRATION. I like the white and cream together but can obviously understand why you wouldn't like the contrast with the black. Probably not the best time of year to be pulling this tank out, but I was playing with it the other day and I wanted to do something with it

yeah it does work pretty well with the sweater under it, but I'd much rather be able to just rock it with a tee when I want to so I'm gonna pass it on
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Last night when I told my gf that I had sold one of my coats, she eagerly asked if it was my "old lady" one, referring to that Geller laced overcoat. frown.gif
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Originally Posted by Lionheart Biker View Post

@ stitchy  I hope this forum doesn´t stop until we see you all decked out in Rick.

one day my friend. one day.
melon - honestly had to do a triple take to make sure your account was not hacked with that clean shaven baby face.
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really like that second fit melon. great layering. I'm not super familiar with the way Geller styles stuff, but maybe a loose tee would work instead of the white collared shirt. I dunno. it's cool look anyway. 

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New to the forum, first post on this thread.

Garbo iPhone quality
LRG camo jacket
Billionaire Boys Club T
Mishka Boris skinny
Nike AF1 hi
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That jacket is awesome.
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