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I was the 100th diniro thumb (mainly cuz he's rockin my cardigan), just not feelin the hat dude too fashion boy for me.
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cyc, i know you got some boots! would look better IMO. and since you got that amazing SS cardi on, it warrants a pair despite this being your casual work attire.

diniro, i can't get my head around it. i don't understand. but i agree with jet about the hat, and everyone else since it's too next level for me to compute. (my brain is telling me this doesn't work but i cannot figure out why). you win!
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diniro's fit is pretty killer. The silhouette reminds me of a lot Vanna's fits from when he used to post here.
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I think it's because he's wearing all those layers with shorts, I mean there wool shorts but still shorts. I myself don't have any issue with it but some people I'm sure would.
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Okay, maybe I'll try variations on a theme tomorrow, except with boots. Not sure I'll go with Guidis... might have to just wear side-zips. We'll see in the morning.
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okay i'm going to sound super nitpicky but my reason for boots are

1) it looks like you have tapered trousers, 19cm?
2) you may want to consider slanted hems so the trousers fall on top or break right on top of your shoe. as is it looks like your stance is causing the left leg to get caught in the back of your shoe
3) to alleviate the issue addressed in point 2 and since you wear tapered pants, a pair of ankle boots will help with a cleaner visual break

The cleaner break would help further your crisp look, IMO

Because I have odd proportions and speaking from experience, and you lift so you have muscles, i may even suggest that you go for a slight break, fuller cut like (8" hem) with the military hem to balance the top and bottom. the knit seems pretty loose and thick to warrant fuller cut pants with a break instead of the current look.

just two ways i think you can try out if you are super anal like me.

yeah i thought you would have 1 to 2 dress boots besides guidi. i think a pair of side zips would work well, too

btw, if you think 8" hem is too full and you like the tapered look, it would still be pretty fitted. the press you have to your pants is very nice and it would still give you that tapered look visually. i personally considering 8.5" since i got wider hips, or just get single pleats lol
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My dress boots are brown foo.gif
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depending on how dark they are i think brown would work great with that outfit
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Colder than I thought, came home to change

Sorry for the boring "standing in front of a door looking super awkward" shots as of late
Angle is throwing things off too, guarantee my torso isn't that long

Left: Schneider scarf, CdG linen jacket
Right: incarnation leather
Both: american a. shirt, attachment jeans, guidi boots
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Need to learn how to take fit pics.


TOJ 0 2013

White Staple Superior Tee

Acne New Cash Max

Common Project Achilles

Henry Tomkins Leather Backpack

Braun BN0024.

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^ try not holding the camera directly in front of your face two feet from the mirror for starters. nod[1].gif
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Here we go

Edited by Foxhound - 10/30/13 at 1:21am
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photo 1fabc7d1-f276-4135-8e83-94ed54a3189a_zps8dbcf221.jpg

Apologies for the messy sleeve cuff. Some tailoring is in order.
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This would be way better with TOJ0 but it's still ~8 weeks away.

Brands/Deets (Click to show)

Giulia/Industrie/Antidenim/Trickers x Superdenim

(Sorry for ~~instagram pics~~)





More Trickers:


Brands/Deets (Click to show)

Uniqlo/Antidenim/Trickers x Nitty Gritty



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Elisix, that fit would be so much better if you tucked your shirt
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