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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

1. Thanks!

2. Not sure why it looks cheap, its a 100% cashmere number from Johnstons of Scotland, its a great scarf.

3. Not sure why it looks feminine, purple plaid is feminine? Maybe you can elaborate.

4. I will gladly look into into his scarves. However, I am cheap skate when it comes to belts and scarves. Who knows, maybe this will be my turning point.

5. Will do!!

Thanks for the feedback, mayne.

While plaid can be done well (again, see Schneider: departure scarf/pattern from Frozen Waves), this one is a bit tacky and the light purple doesn't help. It also looks thin and delicate, which doesn't help either. Lastly, the two patterns are a bit too busy together.

Though Schneider does have some seriously bulky scarves, he also makes some that are very thin or long and drapey, of which I have one of each. check the B&S, occasionally a really nice one comes up
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

i would agree. i am quite fine with my scarf choice, but i certainly am open to other options.

i want an awesome perfect scarf, preferably cashmere, and from an awesome maker, and i will spend up to one hundred dollar. any ideas? : )

KJ - thanks for the heads up on SS.

From what I've heard, the most awesome perfect cashmere scarves are made by Loro Piana. Their source of Cashmere is from the ideal part of a magical goat that lives in a cold dark hole somewhere in Mongolia. But those are like $1,000, so I guess this post was pointless haha.
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I quite like that scarf there but I personally feel a 12 metre long distressed BBS scarf would go better with that outfit.

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Ebbets hat
Vibskov shirt
Geller sweater
Ute Ploier cardigan
Geller wool shorts
Trickers x Tres Bien creepers
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That is SERIOUSLY next level
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powerful proportions my man.

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I want this scarf, but already have a similar cotton/linen one from last season... such a beautiful color and texture though.

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Reedo and Tony, thanks guys. While I am still okay with my scarf in this fit, I will look into upping my scarf game.

Dorje - that is a little bit too much scarf for me. I'm not looking for something quite that big. Maybe in another few years of hanging out here.

deniro - that is really freaking cool, man.
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that is absolutely insane diniro


love it

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I am sensing 100+ thumbs.
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diniro that is ridiculously good. 

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Stitches, agree diniro will hit 100+, looks awesome. Also, you don't need to wear the scarf like Zam, it can be folded lengthwise and worn conventionally... not saying it's necessarily a good choice for you, I just like it. :)

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I'm not sure what's going on there, but I love it.
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Really good stuff. Wool shorts!
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