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^^ like that fit a lot, powza. 


photo prkr1025_zps6ec68f17.jpg


dries wool moto

aa cotton tee

balmain jeans

raf lizard hi tops

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Originally Posted by ladygaga View Post

Good Lord, Stanley van Buren's face AND clothes really do look like Lady Miran's 92-year-old senile great uncle...

Anyway, what is Mrs van Buren cooking there in that red apron, licking her fingertips...or is she doing her nails, in between feeding bits to your bulldog?

I have been thinking much about Mrs van Buren lately.  Tere is so little we know of her.   Like in the picture, always she is completely overshadowed by Stanley...

She must be a little out of place in the dizzying whirlpool of affluence that is Stanley's world...but I imagine she copes admirably putting on a brave face when confronted with Stanley's circle of friends...their escapades, their parties, their trips, their judgemental smirks and condescending smiles...she is no fool, of course, she knows what's going on, but still she has Stanley on her side, or so she believes, so she thinks it'll all be OK...
Like me when I married Lady Miran, she married way above her station when she married Stanley.  But this is why I really empathise with her...because I know what it is like....
She has been little more than an accessory to Stanley...but I suspect that beneath it all, there is a woman with a mind of her own...after all, I am no accessory to Lady Miran...

I try to imagine what she's like, how she behaves.  I wonder what it would be like if Mrs van Buren, Lady Miran, Mrs Moo, and why not...Mrs inStitches, if in Stitches lets her out of the house, I still don't understand how these orthodox Jews do things....were to have tea at the White House with Mrs Obama....I imagine what conversations there would be...if Mrs van Buren would embarrass herself....if Mrs Moo would ever shut up about her husband and her recent trip to St-Tropez and Antibes and how she would behave with security when Mrs Obama had had enough and it was time to have her removed...

I try to imagine what it would be like if Mrs van Buren were to go shopping for shoes at the Jimmy Choo store with Lady Miran and Mrs Moo...if any of the diminutive Chinese floor staff would get trampled to death in the stampede...if extra employees would be needed to be brought in for the clean-up and re-shelving afterwards...the scene that would follow with Mrs Moo and the counter-staff when Mr Moo's credit card is declined on the first try...

I try to imagine what it would be like if I were ever to be at dinner at Stanley's galley apartment....along with the Moos, of course...what Mrs van Buren would say to me....if I could manage to force down whatever the hell it is they eat....if Lady Miran would get along with Mrs van Buren, how Mrs van Buren would react to Mr Moo's uncouth and unruly behaviour...

This tho
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da faq?
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

[ Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Epaulet

the commando sole wingtips are maybe a little aggressive here, but I feel like they look alright when the sole isn't what's primarily visible...

So how was tonight's McNeil-Lehrer Newshour? wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

reedo, I think you may be using a crappy hanger for your jacket. Either that, or the shoulders are too snug. Hope it's the former, and you can just switch hangers.

tojs tend to start that way and then settle down.
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Miran is boring, I miss Otter frown.gif
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^you should hem some of your pants broham
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el Bert is unstoppable

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Sad face
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i agree with jet
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I like some more tailored and some looser, these are black jeans I wouldn't get them hemmed like some of my other pants, definitely would give a cleaner silloutte but this jacket really lends itself to drape and be slightly oversized so it's really subjective imo.
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edit: agh of course I post right after tons of awesome fits

accurate colors/texture shot

Warning: old mall brand top new baller bottom (Click to show)
UO beanie/gap thermal/AA tee/MA+ pants/Layer 0 boots

Sorry about the weird overexposed shot, this is the only place in my apt where I can get far enough away from the camera to get accurate proportions and it's backlit :/ Now to get some sick sweaters devil.gif
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