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I like it! What's the henley?

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whats not working for you? looks good, man.
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Would maybe like to see a bit less of the henley sleeves, but everything looks real good.
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it's getting too cold for shit like this


leather eastpak




red wing

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NWI has like the best physique for clothes shog[1].gif
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Quote: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by dishy View Post


similar fit (Click to show)

first: junya, sns herning, jcrew tee, dana lee, viberg second: uu overshirt


Such a great fit..loving the synergy. 

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nwi, At first the henley buttons´ were a little  bit off, but it´s a nice fit nonetheless.


Oh, and that 90s heartthrob hair :inlove:

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Experimenting today, sorry for mediocre lighting




Details and Textures (Click to show)






Smartwool longjohns under everything because it's cold as fuck

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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post



Thoughts for improvement?

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Not very flattering.
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dat ass, dem hips
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Thanks, guys. Added details.
Originally Posted by mike868y View Post


I actually got it cut last night (picture is from earlier)...still the same basic idea, just a little less crazy out-of-control/always in my face.

@mer6 - I think you could improve a couple of things just by changing your camera setup. Get away from the chair and blinds - it looks like you're in a waiting room at a dentist's office - set the camera up outdoors, stand farther away from it, and change the angle so the camera is closer to chest height. Shooting from such a low angle is making you look more bottom-heavy than you probably are.

There's kind of a disconnect between the hair and glasses (and, to a lesser extent, face) and the jacket and shirt. Your appearance seems a little more conducive to an Americana-ish vibe, which can be achieved with Visvim but not so much with RO and DRKSHDW.

There's a disconnect between the top and bottom halves, and the wide leg opening on the pants combined with the relatively narrow sneaker profile looks a little off as well. A narrower hem or chunkier shoes/boots would look better. The jacket is also creating a bottom-heavy look with the upside-down V it creates. This can be an interesting look and work pretty well in some situations, but here not so much.
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i think if you've gotta wear long johns underneath that fit you gotta change your fit.. looks more like a SS fit.   would look a lot better with a short sleeved crew neck tee.  the drkshw long tee is very out of sync.  u could also swap the brown trousers out for some faded denim.. would probably look better.

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