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For people who wear a lot of denim, what is the reason for the odd break around the knees? Actually there is all kinds of odd breaks from the waist down. Is the pair of denim bad fitting or just the characteristic of the fabric? I only have one pair of jeans, a pair of black Levi's and they are literally worn as clothes to beat up in, or if I am feeling too soft to wear anything too luxe. They just look really rigid. Do I have to wear them a lot to let the shape soften up and drape better? Cotton, linen, and wool most of all, drape so much nicer. The lines are cleaner and visually more pleasing. It is one of those things where I should have left the clothes alone instead of altering them. The fuller break looked nicer IMO, and I could cuff them if need.

Wore some boots with the original outfit heading out, all kinds of weird things happening with the jeans. Swapped out the boots for a pair of sneakers and like the overall fit better. Looks more natural rather than forced. But enough with the banter and excuses. (I think Levi's are just poor fitting on me redface.gif)

FWIW it moves better than it looks . . . And now I will photo bomb you!




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Why not go with some rick/j-pants with that intarsia? Got any sluttier tees?

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they just look baggy i'd go for a slimmer cut. and then break them in a bit.
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Yea, the cut is just bad all the way through. Get some Uniqlo Skinnies in the waxed black, should go nicely
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just chilling with a giant fucking squash

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Does the squash fit tts?
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Buy that thing so you can bring it on an airplane and use it as a head rest
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Beige squash is kind of played out. Does it come in another color?
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

just chilling with a giant fucking squash


if only I was skilled with p-shop...
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Yeah I probably could size down on the jeans. Going to just burn them and say lesson learned. Levi's not for me frown.gif
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Sorry for the terrible pics.

Uniqlo x 2, MMM



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

OL, AA, shoes

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MM and dishy, good stuff.

Nice squash, mikey.
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