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Nice KG - Whats the jacket?
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It has that "classic" feel to it almost like a showroom/lookbook pic for a certain brand.
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Dat kg fit is money (figuratively and literally).
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And sexually

Kg what are the pants?
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Looks like Balmain bikers to me.
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lol thanks guys. those are balmains and jacket is rick scuba
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Posted up in tha block! I'd buy from you laugh.gif
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The balmains look awful I'll take them off your hands.
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Warning: DEETS! (Click to show)

(sup spope)

cc / geller / geller / nudie / cdiem
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waywt of late



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artishard, that is definitely my favorite fit from you. Which model are those nudies?
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Perfect. Wow awesome stuff dudes
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(those gloves aw yeah)

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I promised Spope i'd post a fit once his coat arrived. I scroll down and see KG and Art... couldn't think of a worse time to post my first pic. Excuse my poor photo, uninspired username and whatever is going on with my pants.

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Kinda feel like that coat needs more underneath it given it's volume, but still looks nice.
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