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ck collection/geller/blanc&noir
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High 90s today and tomorrow, 60s and rain on wed thurs likewtfyo.
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^ if it actually rains I'll be shocked... but it's good for a change every once in while (which is like 3 times a year lol)
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Not feeling the turtleneck + flight pants casey, might just be me though
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casey, get your hands on these.

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You look so thrilled to be in that restroom.
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KoY has come pretty damn far in a short amount of time
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A weekday, to be precise.
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Last night:



Schneider/Schneider/Schneider/Zam Barrett/GellerxCP




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Noctone is that the plain coat in the last pic?
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Yeah sure is.
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I like the turtleneck / flight pants combo.


Those Viridi-anne pants are great but the price makes me wheezy. 

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Always liked it but never found one in my size I might be selling a Montana shawl sweater I got from tonio from frozen flames collection lemme know if you might be interested it's a size IV but fits bigger just hasn't worked out.
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love those jackets Noctone!
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Still wish I could find the plain jacket in a 4, really love the shape and color
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