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A lot of different things going on there jfor and none of them particularly good
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

i'll bet styleforum isn't the only place you're registered



this is a bad day to join sf

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yeah that was mean
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lmao didn't expect that to happen so quickly.

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Originally Posted by Jforberg View Post

Jacket - Vintage
Crew - Club Monaco
Shirt - Simons
Pants - Neighborhood
Sneaks - Nike

ok this actually very very good. contemporary style mixed with avant garde flamboyance, with a hint of playful boyish charm. mustache means you are up to something romantic, and the shoes are quite nice. keep up the good work and you will earn many accolades here on styleforum. welcome, welcome.
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Originally Posted by Platypus View Post

Earlier this week...
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Stephan Schneider cardigan
Uniqlo t-shirt
Jil Sander trousers
Helmut Lang sneakers
Guidi bag

So, I've been lurking quite a bit in this thread, and I actually dig most of the the stuff that's widely liked here, but this is an example of something that I don't quite get. I guess I like the top half, but those pants don't do it for me. It seems like something more drop crotched/voluminous and tapered would work better rather that these, that hang kinda shapelessly. So what am I missing?
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I first read his username as jorfberg, which would be so much better.
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I'm almost sorry I defended kstyle now.


kstyle - I happened to be thinking about my own early (thoroughly deserved) roasting on this forum the other day - the short version is basically: don't expect people to like what you're wearing because you like it; don't try to be funny or arrogant or patronising; and don't argue back, just listen, learn and improve. You'll get a lot more out of the forum that way.


In your case, you should pay particular attention to Tirailleur. Trust me on that.

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We in the Moogazi group are considering designing a few harnesses as part of the S/S 2014 collection.....London Tan Bridle leather or Crimson Cordovan leather.....with personalisations like initials, maybe glove leather lining...


The Moogazi harness would wipe the floor with that disgusting studded black leather thing the SnowmanXL X Pier Wu collection is planning...the Dominatrix model or whatever, complete with mouth gag....

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Originally Posted by MoogaziExecutiv View Post

Kstyle, how very au fait of you to wear a harness....I am an executive for the Moogazi fashion house (part of Gruppo Forall Milano), my life has revolved dizzyingly around social circuits and this past spring and summer, I saw debonair gentlemen in harnesses everywhere, especially worn with very old school black tie....peak-lapel tuxedo (dinner jacket), shirt with wingtip collar untucked, harness with accoutrements, etc....I think it became all the craze after James Bond parachute-dropped into the London 2012 opening ceremony, and everyone wanted to copy only suggestion for you would be to keep it old school....I would ditch the square-cornered skinny tie for something more traditional, 1960s tie if you want skinny...

If I may suggest some accoutrements to accompany your, of course, with a zoom lens the size of a baguette dangling over your ass....a parachute pack, liquor flask, ice pick, as well as a holster, of course, if you are in the US....or, in your case, a nice dagger or shamshir....

Speaking of shamshir, may I ask what your ethnicity is?  If you are saying this is a wedding couple, that makes no sense...I have watched Bend it Like Beckham, you see...I know Hindu brides are in that bright red outfit with exposed midriff...that thing is ruthlessly unforgiving toward chubby ladies, that's all I can say...the woman in your photo looks like she's wearing some sort of African-American wrappa-whatever you see on Oprah....groom looks like a type that would get shredded in a Russell Peters gig...

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Guys really type essays for a cheap laugh on here?...MINDBLOWN.
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at this point anyone who doesn't realize synthese is miran is an idiot

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Got too chubz for this sort of thing, but eh


Poor lighting but the shapes make it

Behemoth cutoff
CP patent bball
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