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Originally Posted by jet View Post

Milkin dat shirt

I have not heard of that brand Milkin. I have heard of Moogazi.
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Selam, that's awesome. I thought we were about the same size, though - can I ask what you took in the nonnatives?




Raf, Rick, Plokhov, Vans, CDG Ourzazate (sup Jet)

the fabric of this jacket reminds me of the window curtains I saw at the Bed Bad and Beyond. I'm so sorry shog[1].gif
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I milk pretty much every article I own, I'm afraid of posting too often lest people get sick of seeing the same gear repurposed
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Moogazi coming in the Spring.
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

am i the only one who hates wearing contacts? they're fucking uncomfortable as shit after a few hours. my eyes get so dry. i only use them when i'm exercising

I don't even know if I hate them. I've been wearing glasses since my third birthday (yes, 3rd) and have never tried contacts.
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Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

Timbs you say? I raise you RegisDB9: Gangsta

  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



If you buzzed your head and wore this with the more style-conscious mindset you have now you'd probably look cool as hell.

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speaking as an elderly reedo foo.gif when I was your age and in art school, I learned to style and repurpose what clothes I have. It was more creative and fun that way. Then when I first started buying designer clothes, I only buy something if I really like it and also if it's on sale. Now looking back, I would only buy a designer piece if I know I can still wear it 5 or even 10 years from now. And if I want to wear clothes as a form of self expression even at my age foo.gif I just DIY instead of buying something that I think looks classy now, but will look trashy later.
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damir doma
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snow. great look. i really enjoy your very specific snowman look. you know what you are looking to accomplish, and you get it done. bravo.
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thanks stitchy. does that mean you're getting a pair of the pants? or at least buying roshes over flyknits devil.gif
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while they are the shiz-wizzle, its hard to imagine myself in those pants any time soon. but i am leaning roshes at the moment. they feel less sneaker-ey to me, and i think id get more use out of them than the flyknits. as far as looks go i think they are pretty even, but as far as what id get more out of, i think its roshes. not sure when that kop will be tho, and what color id get.

the thing is, i feel like you have a very consistent look, and i feel like i am often all over the place. not sure that that is bad, but sometimes i wonder if i would be better off with a more specific aesthetic in mind. i waver on this concept often in my mind.
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well as long as you're not mixing them in with suits i think the roshes are a good choice.
but mix it up if you want, stick to one thing if you want icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Mix them with suits, stitches.


A couple of pages back there was a group photo with many ugly sneakers ruining otherwise decent looking outfits, so have at it. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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