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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

am i the only one who hates wearing contacts? they're fucking uncomfortable as shit after a few hours. my eyes get so dry. i only use them when i'm exercising

I don't even know if I hate them. I've been wearing glasses since my third birthday (yes, 3rd) and have never tried contacts.
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Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

Timbs you say? I raise you RegisDB9: Gangsta

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If you buzzed your head and wore this with the more style-conscious mindset you have now you'd probably look cool as hell.

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speaking as an elderly reedo foo.gif when I was your age and in art school, I learned to style and repurpose what clothes I have. It was more creative and fun that way. Then when I first started buying designer clothes, I only buy something if I really like it and also if it's on sale. Now looking back, I would only buy a designer piece if I know I can still wear it 5 or even 10 years from now. And if I want to wear clothes as a form of self expression even at my age foo.gif I just DIY instead of buying something that I think looks classy now, but will look trashy later.
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damir doma
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snow. great look. i really enjoy your very specific snowman look. you know what you are looking to accomplish, and you get it done. bravo.
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thanks stitchy. does that mean you're getting a pair of the pants? or at least buying roshes over flyknits devil.gif
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while they are the shiz-wizzle, its hard to imagine myself in those pants any time soon. but i am leaning roshes at the moment. they feel less sneaker-ey to me, and i think id get more use out of them than the flyknits. as far as looks go i think they are pretty even, but as far as what id get more out of, i think its roshes. not sure when that kop will be tho, and what color id get.

the thing is, i feel like you have a very consistent look, and i feel like i am often all over the place. not sure that that is bad, but sometimes i wonder if i would be better off with a more specific aesthetic in mind. i waver on this concept often in my mind.
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well as long as you're not mixing them in with suits i think the roshes are a good choice.
but mix it up if you want, stick to one thing if you want icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Mix them with suits, stitches.


A couple of pages back there was a group photo with many ugly sneakers ruining otherwise decent looking outfits, so have at it. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Isabel Benenato/KKA/MA+ (hardly vis)


Knit is 100% flax––tighter knit inner layer and surprisingly comfortably given how hairy it is. Really happy though. My hair is bad––has reached the point where it's starting to look eh, but beanie weather has yet to come.

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Kinda hard to take a pic at this beach, this is at Pescadero for this that live in the bay.

James Long
Nom de Guerre
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Cream Viscose Knit----Leather Hidden Buckle Belt---Ivory Blue Virgin Wool Trousers---Replica Argentine Military Riding Boots---Profile Watch
Maison Martin Margiela
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boots are dope reg but i would untuck the sweater


i could see that working if it were a turtleneck or something more obviously goofy

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