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s3lam, that is so good. love the shirt.
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One day a man is going to introduce himself to me as s3lam, but I won't believe it's him until I stand high on a ladder and look down just to confirm the resemblance.
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Originally Posted by Noctone View Post

ehhhhhh idk man the scarf comes off as too much of an affectation. and the multiple poses didn't help to dispel that notion.

+1. Rest looks fine, I'm not really sure how to wear shawls generally speaking anyway.
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photo 8701106b-5ce3-4987-9922-c0bc4b50590c_zps4ca99c42.jpg







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For those interested, this is what I spent all day today doing / eating.


photo 11a61ead-ea6d-431d-800c-06d46088cb6e_zps2486371e.jpg

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s3lam which eg workshirt is that? color looks good.
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Blue oxford: most versatile shirting?



(Last one is today.)
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great cardigan, what is it ?

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sns emergent
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Looks great, NOBD.
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Originally Posted by s3lam View Post



Really good fit.

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Selam, that's awesome. I thought we were about the same size, though - can I ask what you took in the nonnatives?




Raf, Rick, Plokhov, Vans, CDG Ourzazate (sup Jet)
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nice beads.
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wish you wore different pants synth.  love the top half though. 

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Don't hold synth responsible for the shortcomings of plokh

Did the raf shrink or have you been growing ?!

Looks great
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ehh... not one of your better fits, synth. agree that the pants kind of ruin it
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