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Originally Posted by jet View Post

Didn't read all critiques but shawl needs less structured fit and tapered pants. And not vans.
I think the vans would have looked good had I worn a sweater instead of a blazer like Breezy suggested.
Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

they're like $85 but all sold out at this point.
Definitely sold out now.
Originally Posted by afixedpoint View Post

We should have a greater Boston SF meet up sometime smile.gif
Yes we should!
Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

Ken P, I feel like this is the sort of thing you'd appreciate: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Real nice. I'm always looking at Japanese stores- their styling is so interesting. Really like the band collar shirt in that context.
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you're getting there ken! check out's EG styling too.  they do that look you're going for quite well. 

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• All Epaulet Everything •


Navy herringbone sport coat

Ashland shirt (Gitman collab)

Grey Regimental Twill trousers

Double Monks (Carmina)

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man i really do not love the epaulet suiting on you frown.gif I think you'd look much better in a less structured coat with a softer shoulder. have you tried other brands?
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I think the fit is alright enough although I'm no suit expert by any measure. All I'd want to see changed above are the pants: a lighter grey would play a lot better with the jacket imo.
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SVB, the pants in the last two fits you've posted either need hemming or more width so that they don't buckle and pucker around your legs. Or, NEEDS MOAR DRAPE.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
babyface snow (diff day but i liked the marble backdrop)

faux shoe lace tie

peir wu
sakia diez
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The shirt has the sleeve with the zipper?
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Mhmm smile.gif
She also had this amazing jacket with anotomical sleeves with zipper cuffs!
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This shirt is pure boss
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snowman, please actually become a designer ASAP
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all peir!!!! i had nothing to do with it redface.gif
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SVB, I normally really like your fits. The past few you've posted have been very good. This latest one, however, it seems to me like the patterns clash a little bit. I don't really agree with Teger about the shape of the jacket on you, but I would agree with SB regarding the hem length.
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I thought that was the detail of a jacket you hadn´t shown on the other pics. Amazing the detail of the zipper.

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All of Stanley's jackets look fine and the criticisms are kind of bizarre. There is room to quibble about length or even waist suppression, but don't pretend that's anything more than personal preference -- folks in CM would probably say the jackets are on the short side if anything, in context.

I do agree with BiggSkip about the patterns in the last one, though. The shirt and jacket don't look right together IMO.
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