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Etudes FTW !
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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post


I like this. My white luxury CPs seem way too chunky. I've fallen out of love with them. The slimmer line of the originals is far nicer
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Where does one buy white LUXURY CPs?
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I think he means the chunkier achilles premium.
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HOLY CANOLI! thanks for the likes, fellas. inlove.gif
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Originally Posted by noob View Post

On a pattern like this, by daylight, there is a lack of sequence, a defiance of law, that is a constant irritant to a normal mind.
The color is hideous enough, and unreliable enough, and infuriating enough, but the pattern is torturing.
It is the strangest yellow, that wall-paper! It makes me think of all the yellow things I ever saw--not beautiful ones like buttercups, but old foul, bad yellow things.
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Comme des Garcons Shirt blazer
Nautica stripe crewneck
Gap jeans
Converse suede sneakers

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^^ change to darker jeans/trousers. Otherwise rad.
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Best cola bear fit! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist View Post

... there is a lack of sequence, a defiance of law ...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Earlier, someone (Synthese?) asked how I could resist The Yellow Wallpaper. The short answer is it's too didactic. Too planned. Despite the intriguing premise (one I happen to love, hence the frustration) it seems to know right where it's going from the beginning. It has a social target in mind, and it hits it. Bluntly.

I mean, I like Gilman, the author. She was ahead of her time in many ways; an economist, an intellectual, a rabble-rouser, a firebrand -- but not really an artist. Compared to say, Kate Chopin, her contemporary, it's easy to see why work like The Awakening is still everywhere, while The Yellow Wallpaper mostly rounds out nonfiction feminist anthologies.

If you wanted to step outside the story itself and complicate things further, there is always the fact that Gilman was essentially a white supremacist, her lofty goals for women somehow never informing her views on racial equality. That bothers me.

Kudos to AFL for absolutely nailing the best passage of the story, though. If the whole were written with that kind of verve and sophistication, I would love it despite its flaws.
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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

I'm not ninja people, but I would go with a more versatile choice like some eg fatigues or some ogs,,, also iirc this seasons eg matt pant is kinda similar to that if you really want the slim cargo look


The epaulets pretty much look like fatigues, ogs? Not sure about slim cargo, it had just worked in the past. Sticking with what I know is why I look like someone who was passably cool 30 years ago, though. 

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need to pull up my jeans at the waist a little to even out the proportions but otherwise pretty basic bitch shit

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those sneakers fit you so much better than the MMM boots for some reason.

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thanks! they're definitely my most worn shoes. they were white and I gave them a coat of silver spray paint. I usually don't post fits in them because they're typically like the one I posted; boring
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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Your best fit yet IMO. Great progress.
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Who - that etudes shirt is so awesome!

Stitches - love that suit mate smile.gif

A little more casual today. Beginning to get warm already this year.

photo baa66e89-18b1-4368-93f9-7e635ddceae0_zps300ffc3b.jpg
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